Gate Geek – Zelenka’s innocent, I tell ya!

Poor Radek Zelenka.  After getting dissed in Trio, he gets arrested for poisoning patients in a hospital.

Well, not really.  But David Nykl (who plays Radek) found it amusing enough to post on his blog in Czech about the real-life convicted murderer named Zelenka and make us think he was spoiling the season finale.  (‘Cause I totally don’t read Czech.)

In other news, a Niagara-area newspaper interviews a certain actor who is not only making a comeback in tonight’s episode, but also scored himself a part in another franchise movie that’s going to be released in May of 2009.  (Cryptic enough for you?  I didn’t think so.)

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  1. I was shocked after having seen his blog. I thought that if he doesn’t post in English, something bad has happened…thanks to the link to the English article I understood what his posting was about! Nice idea!

    And…thanks about the “certain actor” news, didn’t know about that!

    take care,

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