Gate Geek – So what have we missed?

I love going on vacation! I totally forgot to ask someone to fill in on the Stargate beat while I was gone. (Oh, well. The TexMex was totally worth it!) So let’s catch up on what I (but hopefully not you) missed:

  • Stargate is the People’s Choice! – It just goes to show what a little organization and wholesale pimping can do for you. The fans remembered to vote every day and we were able to actually score a two-second mention on the broadcast. (Scroll down to “Favorite Sci-Fi Show” and click on “View Video” to see the full acceptance speech.)
  • Tonight is the Spoils of War – Don’t forget to watch this week’s new episode.
  • Get in the Gate Contest – This year’s chance to win a walk-on role on Stargate Atlantis has opened up. Go! Type away!
  • GateWorld Play – GateWorld has started this nifty little video feature that you might enjoy checking out.
  • Remember Be All My Sins Remember’d – Wonder Geek Martin Gero stopped by Joe Mallozzi’s blog (which moved, by the way) to answer questions about last week’s already-much-beloved episode.
  • For official things – Meanwhile, over on the official website, we get an interview with the delightful Bill Dow (Dr. Lee), more of the interview with beloved director Andy Mikita, and more crowing about the People’s Choice Awards win.