Gate Geek – Happy Gatemas

So I got a little busy to post all the nifty little Stargate gifts we got for Christmas week. (Such a slacker.)

The Official Site added a bunch of content including:
Mitch Pileggi finally returns to the Pegasus Galaxy after far too long an absence
– The sneak preview for Be All My Sins Remembered
– An interview with Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett about The Wraith.

Over on GateWorld, we find:
– An interview with Jason Momoa (Jason Momoa. Chewbacca. Separated at birth?)
– News of the chance to become part of Stargate Worlds through a new contest
Details for The Ark of Truth DVD

And finally, a round-up of Christmas greetings from Stargate cast and crew:
Michael Shanks
David Hewlett (yes…that’s me he’s mentioning)
David Nykl
– Producer Joseph Mallozzi

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