Gate Geek – Get over it, people

Gate fans are a notoriously picky bunch with (let’s face it) a lot of drahmah and gnashing of teeth about where they want to see the story go and what they want for “their” characters.

Now that Atlantis is coming to a close, the writers appear to be speaking out a bit about the fan complaints; explaining the twists and turns that plot lines and characters can take in a show’s development.  And, basically, telling people to get over it.

Martin Gero (who seems to get the most love-it-or-hate-it reactions to his episodes) talks to GateWorld about the reactions people have to his stories.  (You need to get past the discussion of YPF, first, though.)  And takes the fans to task for their treatment of Keller.

And Joe Mallozzi talks about everyone’s ships, the gay storyline that would have happened if only the episode hadn’t run long, and why things have gone the way they have.

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