Gardening on Alderaan: Best #StarWars, #CloneWars and #SWEU tweets for March 18-24

@swankmotron: Anytime anyone tells me something is getting cancelled, I'm just going to say, "No, man. It's just moving to Disney XD."

This week, fandom launched an effort to #SaveTheCloneWars, Star Destroyers appeared in a cunning disguise of clouds and farmboy grammar was considered. Also, what is that pocket on the back of Han’s vest? Wookieepedians, I summon you! Until then…

Best #StarWars tweets for March 18-24

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Anytime anyone tells me something is getting cancelled, I’m just going to say, "No, man. It’s just moving to Disney XD."Bryan Young
Them: "The #SWEU is getting nullified by Episode VII." Me: "No, man. It’s just moving to Disney XD."Bryan Young
Just think: We went 40,000+ years before creating an information network capable of reminding us about Star Wars 5 times a dayKen Lowery
Photo of the day: Imperial Star Destroyer spotted over Finland! <a href="" class=""></a>Alex Wain
My kid was playing with a Luke Skywalker & Captain Hook action figure. I imagine those two guys would have a lot of hand injury talk.StarWarsin60Minutes
We can complain about Star Wars prequels, but every one of us paid full price to see them. They won.Gavin
My little brother just looked at me and asked why George Lucas isn’t on the 1$ bill instead of George Washington He’s fiveClayClay
" Little Princess Leia from #StarWars "" Absolutely Adorable " <a href="" class=""></a>Ismail R Raslan ®
"Daddy, he just said it… IT’S A TRAP!" @StarWars Episode VI "Attack of the Ewoks" according to Anyah, my 7 year old.Tha Mike Pilot


Here’s hoping that the 2 "bonus content" story arcs will have 22 episodes each. #CloneWarsAaron Goins
I’m humbled and greatly touched by #StarWars fans as of late.Sam Witwer
Dear @Disney: please #SaveTheCloneWars! It was canceled at its creative peak and would be a perfect fit for Disney XD!Star Wars Joke-A-Day
So if Lucasfilm is disappoint in "tepid response" to Clone Wars cancellation, do we need to start rioting or something? #SaveTheCloneWarsJustin Brady
My 11 year old son is coming completely unglued over the fate of the Clone Wars. Really Lucasfilm – end this right! #SaveTheCloneWarsColleen Mondor
The time between 1999, the premiere of TPM and today with the ending of #CloneWars, effectively ending the Prequel era was about 14 years.paul depaola
Just noticed how well this 2011 Hasbro ad predicted a certain Clone Wars outcome :) <a href="" class=""></a>Pablo Hidalgo
Lucasfilm Animation has been putting out a show that is heads and shoulders above anything any Disney division has been doing.Brian
Watching Clone Wars movie. My 10-year-old turns to me and says "Everybody’s gonna miss Ahsoka…" Wise words, my little one.Charles Murray

Watching the movies

han solo why do you have a pocket on the back of your vest? is that where Chewie keeps his snacks? Han Solo are you Chewbacca’s purseNoelle Stevenson
It drives me nuts when Luke says "a whole ‘nother" in A New Hope. Apparently Tatooine farmboy school didn’t teach grammar. #StarWarsMatt Martin
Re-watching the #StarWars prequels and just realized that the real power of the Jedi is the ability to state the obvious.Robert Lee
Fascinates me how Darth Vader’s mask not only changes his voice, but also his accent. Mind-boggling! #StarWarsLennart De Geyter
It won’t be real until Prequel Era #StarWars fans are decrying JJ Abrams and Disney for raping their childhood.Bryan Young
"Don’t give in to hate. That leads to the dark side.""Strong is @disney, mind what you have learned, save you it can."Full Of Sith
Lucasfilm’s refusal to put me in The Clone Wars has finally resulted in its cancellation. Thank you all for voting with your remotes.TC-14
Also seeing my 3 boys blissfully entranced by Star Wars is pure gorgeousness no matter what you think about the prequels SO THERE. AGAIN.marlespo


The big bad from #StarWars Episode VII had better be Waru, or Disney will have ruined my mid-’30s. #InBeforeTheHaters #SWEUMichael Falkner
Repeat after me: Avengers was awesome. JJ Abrams is awesome. We’ll miss The Clone Wars and feel bad about it, but the future is still brightBryan Young
I can’t wait for George Lucas to completely re-edit J. J. Abrams’ Star Wars movie claiming that he’s making the movie they intended to make.LittleKuriboh
Unless JJ Abrams reincarnates cyborg Porkins for Star Wars VII I think I’m out.Rob Williams
If Dwayne Johnson gets a part in Star Wars, I quit.Kitbashed
I do truly hope that The Empire still has all British accents in J.J.’s new Star Wars.Amy
I’ve seen a lot of sentiment that Star Wars won’t survive Episode VII because Lucasfilm is changing so drastically…Brian
…It certainly survived the drastic change caused by the Prequel Trilogy. Even grew in scope. Same will happen with the sequels.Brian
Am I sad about the Clone Wars?… A little, however I am glad to see that Lucasfilm has created such a successful and and long lasting show.Mark Vogt
Somewhere deep inside the home of Billy Dee Williams there is a faint ringing sound. (footsteps running) "The Star Wars phone is ringing!"Scott Weinberg


Have to say. Finished @timlebbon’s upcoming #StarWars Dawn of the Jedi novel last night and it’s fantastic! Loved this book. (Erich) #SWEUStarWarsBooks
I almost convinced some friends that in the Star Wars Expanded Universe, the Sarlacc pit gets made an honorary JediNEIL CICIEREGA
The new Legacy is promising. I would’ve liked more page time for Ania Solo though. She’s the lead. I want her character built up a lot moreBrian
I liked the art a lot more than I thought I would from the preview. All in all, off to a much better start than Star Wars #1 was.Brian
the award for nerdiest thing i saw all night goes to the guy commenting on a story about walmart referencing star wars expanded universezac the human
There’s nothing like a YJK reread to make you realize precisely how bitter you are about Jacen’s death in LotF. #SWEU #WaruExpressBria

Star Wars life

I got my boyfriend a Star Wars video game and he’s so excited he just had to use his inhaler. He’s so cute.Alesandra Klug
watched Star Wars and Chronicles of Narnia last night…Had dreams of talking puppies going over to the dark side.That’s how my head works.Kødie Elizabeth
What’s more important: having awesome #StarWars shoelaces or having laces long enough to properly fit your shoes? <a href="" class=""></a>Matt Martin
My boy has been pressing me for hours on the plot quirks of Star Wars prequels. Trying so hard not to say "just pretend they didn’t happen"Allan Lawlor
Sitting at breakfast with a lookalike George Lucas at the table beside me and a lookalike John Williams at a table across from me. #fauxwarsFranco
“Why would you need an emergency radio?” “I don’t know, why would you need an emergency R2D2?” — my kids, reading skymall.Peter Sagal
Milo went to a Star Wars themed birthday party and they served Jabba the Hutt Dogs for dinner, which is the best thing I have ever heard.Benjamin Bailey
When the time is right, I’ll tell my girlfriend to join me, and together, we can rule the galaxy as husband and wife. #StarWars #ProposalTommy


"Look, I am your father." #CasualStarWarsEric Ledgin
You can’t explain #HowardTheDuck to someone who’s never heard of it without it sounding like some insane plot to mess with them. #lucasfilmMalcolm T-G
@jenheddle Tell the truth, at the end of the week,does the Yub Yub song at the end of the ROTJ blast from the walls as LB employees rejoice?David
@wilw Oh I see how it is. You fall in love with wedge salad and all the while the Biggs salad sobs in the corner, rejected.Mike T

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