Gail Simone and the Solos: Last week’s best #StarWars and #SWEU tweets

Last week, comic book writer Gail Simone considered the prequels, Celebration VI preparations were in full swing and Mercy Kill feelings were had. See it all below the cut.

Tweets for August 6-12

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Star Wars is like a buffet. You take what you like and leave the food you don’t find appetizing. Someone else will eat it.Bryan Young
"I think it’s fair to say that we can be fans, but disagree with George Lucas." ~ Linda Hansen-Raj #starwarswomen #GGC12GeekGirlCon
The fact that there is no @starwars themed band called "The Solos" yet is both deeply surprising and depressing.Andrew Lupi
Me: I have an eye doctor appointment. Kid: You will pay the price for your lack of vision. #starwarsMER11
Yet another reason my #iPhone is smarter than my work PC: unlike the PC, the phone has learned the correct spelling of Wookiee. #StarWarsMatt Martin
I’ve got this new theory about Star Wars prequels as a metaphor, facing down the studio system and ultimately becoming the evil you feared.Casper Fox
And on that note…


Comic writer Gail Simone sparked a lengthy conversation on the prequels Thursday. Highlights:
Star Wars question: I see tons of kids who love, love, love SW. Now, the original trilogy must seem a little dated, right? Cont.GailSimone
So, what is it making these kids SW fans? The cartoons? Games? The prequels everyone supposedly hates? What is it that hooks the kids now?GailSimone
I wonder if the prequels have some of that mythic thing and it’s kids who see it, not adult SW fans.GailSimone
There are a lot of storytelling weird messes in the prequels…but I think the mythic qualities are still there…maybe kids get that?GailSimone
I wonder if Lucas created something meaningful to kids and we just don’t want to admit it.GailSimone
When I was at Legoland, the little kids were going just as crazy for Anakin and Darth Maul as they did for Chewbacca, maybe more.GailSimone
My point is, the kids seem at least as enamored of the prequels, maybe more, a lot more, than the original trilogy. It’s interesting.GailSimone
I don’t believe kids are only responding to the visual, they can get that anywhere now. There is something there that speaks to them deeply.GailSimone
@GailSimone I think the story in the prequels is more accessible to kids. The original trilogy has a depth to it that just doesn’t…Sarah Elizabeth
@GailSimone …translate when you’re younger. An appreciation for the mythology of the O.T. develops later.Sarah Elizabeth
@nerd_fancy I think most of the depth in the original trilogy is added by the viewer after the fact. I do. But I love ’em.GailSimone
@GailSimone I do research on kids. TO distract, we let them watch movies. More choose prequels than original Star Wars triology. By far.Jim Pollaro
All I know is hearing some people talk about the prequels is enough to make me like them a little for pissing off such excellent nerds. ;)GailSimone
@GailSimone my 9 year old preferred the prequels and Clone Wars and they along with Lego SW game made him the fan. We all aren’t 7-9 anymoreBRYAN HITCH
@GailSimone I think, were I a kid now, I would prefer the CW show and prequels to the ‘originals’ we saw. As an adult I don’t.BRYAN HITCH
@THEBRYANHITCH Yeah…my point is that something in SW stirs emotions beyond most action/adventure stuff. That’s what interests me.GailSimone
@GailSimone parental approval then? Parents give SW’s approval. They sit and watch it with their kids. Its marketing.Abby Dark-Star
@abbydarkstar Did you ever like a movie because your parents approved? I sure didn’t.GailSimone
@JimNeedsCoffee @GailSimone It’s tragic, because you see so many spoofs that are in higher levels of quality, the original thing is corny.Cassidy Allison
@BoochGnome But some art, for whatever reason, inspires others to make art. That is the amazing thing about Star Wars. Everyone owns it.GailSimone
@GailSimone Yeah and I appreciate that. That is why it saddens me that the originals never met the expectation I had for them.Cassidy Allison
I will ask a further question. WOULD Lucas have been as successful if the prequels were more like the original trilogy?GailSimone
Look at the graveyard of once-massively-popular characters that failed to successfully reinvent themselves for the mass audience.GailSimone
@GailSimone There’s still net respect… but the prequels lowered that respect significantly.Craig Pooley
@TerraControl19 Maybe. He made the movies he wanted to make after giving us Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and ILM. I’d say he owes nothing.GailSimone
@GailSimone Oh, absolutely. The man made some /great/ films, and no amount of Crystal Skulls can take away from that.Craig Pooley
It’s funny, it’s like people have to say anything positive about the prequels through gritted teeth and clenched fists. Interesting.GailSimone
I am not defending the prequels, I haven’t seen them in years…just find the culture of hate interesting, and the fact that kids love ’em.GailSimone
Is it possible that people went to Phantom Menace expecting not to see a movie, but to be taken back in time to their own childhood?GailSimone
I was alerted the conversation by a question from Menshevixen on Tumblr, so if you’re dying for my thoughts on the subject…


Yet another display piece I’ve prepared for #StarWarsCVI. What is it? Vroom! Will
Two weeks from today, I’ll be living in Star Wars paradise. #starwarscelebrationMatthew Senreich
I wanna see a Chewie costume at #StarWarsCVI with a big moon on his head. #SWEUJustin LaSalata
With as many times as I’ve used the term "C6" so far in August, I’m afraid I’ll start referring to September as "D7"Consetta Parker
I think I just managed to include a Star Wars Holiday Special mention into the "From World War to Star Wars" presentation at #StarWarsCVICole Horton


Last step was reviewing color proofs. #StarWars Essential Reader’s Companion is now off to the printer. #sweu Schoeneweiss
Just learned about "The Glove of Darth Vader." And fans complain that "The Clone Wars" ruins Star Wars continuity?Randy Stradley
In response to the catsuit piece
@clubjade how we depicted Mara Jade in Star Wars: Invasion Taylor
That’s to the expanded Star Wars universe, I’ve learned that Boba Fett isn’t just a ruthless bounty hunter; he’s a fucking jerk.Jon Bauer
Looked up publishing dates for Star Wars novels. No wonder there were so many continuity hiccups! All written over the top of others. #SWEUSpitfire
Last night I chose to read #StarWars comics over David Foster Wallace. I am 100% content with this life decision. #books #readingKelly Lynn Thomas
But most importantly, X-Wing: Mercy Kill is out!
This is the first SWEU book I’ve read in YEARS that feels like the SWEU I first fell in love with. It’s like coming home.Sarah
Can I has more Wraith Squadron? Please? Because that was sooooo good. Great job @aaronallston. Thank you for a great read!Shannon Hammerstrom
Just finished Mercy Kill. I love it when I’m right. Thanks, @aaronallston. It felt like the old days. #crypticmercykilltweetNancipants
I want a Myri book. Can I have a Myri book? Please? #SWEUBrian
Loved @aaronallston’s Mercy Kill! Laughed out loud, teared up…and felt so much older by the end. #whendidtheseguysgrowup #sweuroaratorio

Star Wars life…

As a kid I used to see the 20th Century Fox opening and think #StarWars was coming on. Now I see it…and still think Star Wars is coming onNikolas Holmes
Its been one of those days where I’m holding my breathe while turning on a computer says "Hear me baby, hold it together" #starwars #hansoloCory Puckett
At grandparents. Daughters are downstairs playing with my old #StarWars figures. All I can hear is "pew pew." Couldn’t be a more proud dad.Mark K
I had JUST fallen asleep when my phone randomly started playing the #StarWars Theme. I really hate George Lucas and John Williams right nowJennifer Coleman
It’s midnight and I’m about to watch Star Wars commentary by George Lucas.. This is hands down the nerdiest I’ve ever felt. #WhatAmIDoingNathan Wagner
Got a work email saying "blah blah is due back". Only thing I saw was something talking about the Tatooine lizards. #dewback #starwarsJustin S

Snark (and current events?)

Natalie Portman got married in secret over the weekend. Can’t see THAT ending badly for anyone. #StarWarsDeath Star PR
Years of Star Wars have left me unable to follow protocol without the help of a protocol droid. #ClosingCeremonyDave Itzkoff
"Hope Solo" – that is a heckuva name. She could smuggle Jedis out of Mos Eisley in a feminist Star Wars rebootChris Turner
I love @hopesolo for 100 different reasons, and about 90 of them are obscure #StarWars references. #olympicsEric Voigt
Can we all agree that this "Mars Rover" stuff is George Lucas’ best work since Star Wars Episode IV?Charlie Harper

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