First look at Star Wars Rebels at Celebration Europe

Rebels: The Ghost

rebels logoThe logo for Star Wars Rebels was revealed this morning at Celebration Europe, as well as a concept art of a new Rebel ship, The Ghost!

The panel was liveblogged at both and Bleeding Cool, but for our part… To the tweets!

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  1. They actually answered my question last night. My wife Amanda and I were cracking up because we’re drinking a margarita in our Twitter photo and we were on the giant screen.

    I was really happy with the panel. The new ship the “Ghost” is really awesome. That new Stormtrooper is so rad. They really hit the spot with it and I’m glad. I can’t wait for more info on the show.

    It was much more interesting than the Kathleen Kennedy panel, unfortunately. But getting Williams confirmed was great.

    Rumors are flying around they’re doing the next one in Anaheim. That’s my city. I’m hoping so…

    1. Congrats! That’s super cool.

      Yeah, Anaheim or Mexico City, apparently? Not that I put much trust in the rumor mill, but I’m with you in hoping for Anaheim. (Or Toronto! Ha ha, pipe dream. But if I have to pass a border, better the one I’m 20 minutes away from.)

      Maybe I’ll finally get around to going to one of the theme parks one con. At least the weather isn’t awful in SoCal.

  2. Looking mighty good so far. Agreed, much more cooler than the KK panel. She should have at least told us which direction the story would be going in.

  3. If the Club Jade crew should attend a theoretical Celebration Anaheim and hits up Disneyland, I will have to meet you guys there for a Star Tours 2 ride or 10.

    Celebration Mexico would be awesome. But the location really matters. I’ve studied the Zetas (amongst others) in my Human Geography focus and some of Mexico, especially places that could harbor the facilities to put on something that big is far from ideal for everybody.

    The prices in Anaheim might kill you, but you won’t die.

    Fingers crossed for Anaheim.

    1. If it’s in the U.S. we’ll almost certainly have a sizable contingent.

      Though we’ve generally had more than two at the other overseas conventions – CEI and CJ had more Jaders, maybe as many as a half dozen? Not sure how many would go to Mexico City, but it’s always a matter of dates. And CEII being so soon after CVI maybe had an effect as well.

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