CONFIRMED: John Williams to score Episode VII

Our big news out of Kathleen Kennedy’s Celebration Europe panel: John Williams has officially signed on to score Episode VII!

That was it as far as announcements go from Kennedy’s panel this morning. liveblogged it, and I’ve collected the tweets on Storify.

6 Replies to “CONFIRMED: John Williams to score Episode VII”

  1. I like to imagine John Williams plays the guitar during the speeder chase from Attack of the Clones.

    3am here. Stayed up too long to hear this. Really exciting news.

    Forever sleep.

  2. Seems like some ambiguity about eps 8 and 9. “Involved” is not necessarily as good as “scoring.” Still, best SW news in a long time!

  3. Apparently she said all three on stage, but the article only mentions VII… So maybe there’s some kind of opt-in/to-be-decided thing going on?

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