Ewoks vs. Hobbits: Last week’s best #StarWars and #SWEU tweets

In which Lord of the Rings, Batman, and the Olympics invade…

Tweets for July 22-29

Last week’s best #StarWars and #SWEU tweets

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If it ever came down to hobbits vs. Ewoks, I think I’d have to put my money on Ewoks. Ewok Village never got scoured.Alan Scherstuhl
One does not simply walk into Endor. Its black forests are guarded by more than just Ewoks. It is folly.Derp Vader
I think some of these nations being introduced at the Olympics are planets in star wars #Olympics #starwarsJake Legend
The first person to get me a "Lucasfilm" shirt earns my love. The second gets a thank you. The third dies. Don’t be the third.Patrick Rios
I just took 20 minutes explaining, to a 40-year-old male co-worker, who John Williams is. I weep for the future of this country. #StarWarsOphelia London
What I want: an alternate timeline where George Lucas made sequels to Star Wars instead of prequels, and Luke becomes a bitter Sith Lord.Willard
Working on an album of Beatles covers with all the lyrics changed to Star Wars references. I’m calling it "Obla-di, Obi-Wan".Craig Mahoney
Celebration VI
Day 2 on #StarWarsCVI jabba sailbarge design for the diorama workshop area. Thank god not doing the inside lol http://pic.twitter.com/0UyAJzdNfrank
OK…did I say the printed Celebration VI schedule was 6′ long? I lied. Just printed it. 9′ 1" !!!Mary Franklin
@MaryLFL We need to use that in copy. "FEATURING OVER NINE FEET OF PROGRAMMING!"Pablo Hidalgo
The behind the scenes cantina panel Tom Spina & I are cooking up is gonna be great. Lots I’ve never seen before. #StarWarsCVIPablo Hidalgo
Saturday, in office working on revisions to Reader’s Companion. Some awesomesauce for you by C. Scalf. #SWEU @infinata http://pic.twitter.com/31Un2WNvStarWarsBooks
The people most surprised by the "news" that the #SWEU & the cinematic universe are separate are the ones most versed to see it.Pablo Hidalgo
But think of the CANON! Oh, wait:
Tonight’s #SWEU WTF: A mulleted, deformed Kyp Durron serenades Dorsk 81 w/ air guitar. Don’t do Sith, kids. http://pic.twitter.com/LREEw7hFDunc

Special bat-snark annex

Why’s it so hard to hear Bane through that mouth plate? Vader’s model was from "a long time ago" and he’s clear as a bell.#TDKR #StarWarsDoctor Longscarf
So, in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Batman quit for 8 years because he had bad knees and was sad? Darth Vader had no arms or legs. Bat-Man up!Death Star PR

Pure snark.

Non-story at AICN: "George Lucas Is Not Currently Writing INDY 5!!" Also not writing Indy 5: Me, Kristen Stewart, Dreamfinder, Abe Vigoda.Angry Disney Nerd
I downloaded one of the songs from #starwars off of iTunes. It said "Clean" as if there were an explicit version. #lolwatEllie McCormick
I remain convinced that "Electrolytes" were just George Lucas’ first attempt at naming "midichlorians" & the nonwater industry bought rightsMKP
Empire Strikes Back has got to be, without a doubt, the very best of the Muppet movies.tim shey