EUbits: Miller’s Kenobi now has a release date

Kenobi preview artwork by Chris ScalfRelease dates. Time to pencil in John Jackson Miller’s Kenobi for September 24th. Our book release schedule has been updated. (via)

Scoundrels. EUC interviews Timothy Zahn about the book. And Zahn writes about creating a puzzle at the official site. (Don’t forget our own interview and coverage of his talk at San Diego’s Mysterious Galaxy.)

Digitally… Dan Wallace writes about the new eBook version of The Jedi Path, which came out last week.

Oh dear. Tor’s Emily Asher-Perrin has a guide on where to start in the Expanded Universe. They’re about 50% fairly sound choices… but I wouldn’t recommend Courtship as a starting place for anyone, let alone someone looking for ‘romance.’ Nor would I inflict the Jedi Academy Trilogy, The Crystal Star or Shadows of the Empire on innocent newbies. (Naturally, there’s plenty of debate in the comments.)

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  1. Nor would I inflict the Bounty Hunter series for people who like Boba Fett.

    The Zahn Trilogy and Darth Plagueis should be on any list like this.

    by the way, small typo after Jedi Academy Trilogy.

  2. I would actually recommend Shadows of the Empire to people who might be getting started in the EU and like action and don’t like to get bogged down when reading.

  3. Even The Crystal Star might be worth a shot because it’s all uphill from there. :D
    Worst things to start with: Black Fleet or Corellia.
    Best things to start with: Thrawn and SOTE. I’d even suggest Cloak of Deception since it’s an example where the EU helped a lot (!) to make a movie more compelling (Valorum became a real person thanks to CoD, the trade route taxation stuff started to be interesting, etc.).
    In the end, though, you need a couple of books to get hooked anyway, so imho it doesn’t matter too much where you start.

  4. I guess James fixed my typo, whatever it was. ;)

    The amount of love Shadows of the Empire gets continues to boggle me… Between Dash ‘the Diet Coke of Solo’ Rendar and Xizor’s sleaze, CJ was distinctly not impressed back in the day, and even putting aside those factors it was just Black Fleet Crisis levels of boring.

  5. Hi Dunc, yes, James fixed the typo (there was an m instead of a comma). Sorry, I grade student papers for a living so I always point those typos out :)

    Why no love for Black Fleet? That’s one of my favorites, at least as a political thriller. Also, it doesn’t require much knowledge of the rest of the EU that had come before.

  6. I don’t remember a ton about Black Fleet Crisis at this point – I’d actually forgotten most of it by the early NJO – but the main sin is that it was boring. So boring.

    And even in the pre-prequel era – especially in the pre-prequel era – we all knew that the Luke’s mother plot thread was going to turn out to be completely irrelevant the moment it showed up. So.

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