EUbits: Drew Karpyshyn takes on Darth Revan

Revan will be Karpyshyn’s Old Republic novel. The third novel tie-in to Bioware’s Old Republic MMO will feature the Sith Lord from Knights of the Old Republic, announced today. Other characters from the KOTOR games, including Canderous, T3-M4, the Exile and Bastila Shan, will also appear.

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8 Replies to “EUbits: Drew Karpyshyn takes on Darth Revan”

  1. Like the Jaden Korr books, this is an opportunity to add some diversity and lead characters of color to the Star Wars EU.

    I was really disappointed when the latest Jaden Korr cover for Riptide revealed that a previously gender/race/species neutral character was just yet another young, handsome white guy. (Aside from Knight Errant it seems like the titular hero of every era has been a white human male?)

    I hope that Karpyshyn will choose to depict Revan as a person of color, and I really, really hope that Exile will stay female!

    Ideally, Exile will also be a woman of color. Out of the thousands of characters in Star Wars, I can’t think of any aside from Jan Ors, Salla Zend, Belindi Kalenda and Shalla Nelprin.

  2. no mention of HK-47? hmmm….

    this is a very interesting tie in to “The Old Republic” MMO, since it is centered around a KOTOR era storyline. – i’m thinking it’s more a marketing push to label it The Old Republic…

  3. jedifreac: Unfortunately, if you look at Wookieepedia, both Revan and the Exile have been depicted as white.

    Of course, Karpyshyn doesn’t necessarily have to describe their skin tone at all in the book…

  4. Why oh why does it have to be Karpyshyn? His glorification of violence, carnage, and cruelty in the first Bane novel turned my stomach, and together with Traviss’ bully glorification efforts managed to profoundly ruin the EU for me. And now he’s back. And does the same to KOTOR. Fun-fricking-tastic…

  5. I’m a huge fan of novels that center around Darths. Karphyshyn’s Bane books are three of my favorite Star Wars EU novels. I love TOR time period and have been awaiting this since he announced it at C5. Now to know he’s going to answer questions about Darth Revan and the Sith Empire… it’s awesome. This book is going to rock, I wish I could preorder it already! All we’re missing now is the upcoming Plagueis book!

    Also, I see no reason why his description of Revan/Exile has to get more specific than gender.

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