EUbits: Corey’s Honor Among Thieves has a release date

ANH: Han and LeiaStreet date shuffle. James S. A. Corey’s Honor Among Thieves, the Han-centric second novel of the Empire and Rebellion series, has appeared in the Random House catalog with a release date of March 4. Per usual this is subject to change – we’ve already seen Martha Wells’ Leia book move up twice – so pencil it in.

Upcoming. There’s an excerpt from John Jackson Miller’s Kenobi on the Random House catalog. There’s also a new short story from him, ‘Incognito,’ in the latest issue of the Star Wars Insider, which should be hitting subscriber mailboxes soon if it hasn’t already.

Interviews. Crucible author Troy Denning talks to, and Roqoo Depot. There are spoilers in these, so be cautious.

Reviews. James finds that the start of the new story arc in Brian Wood’s Star Wars #7 is full of tension, but light on action, and brings in a new artist, Ryan Kelly, who had previously worked with Wood elsewhere. (Plus a female Moff?!)

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  1. Female Moff?? Is there any discussion within the comic of how that happened? I mean, it’s grand (besides the whole suicide thing), but that seems…unlikely!

  2. Not to be that Rated X guy, but how did things happen for Ms. Daala? *cough* ;-)
    In a more PG type universe it’s probably just a very bored Palpatine messing with his other moffs’ heads. :-P

  3. The Emperor didn’t name her Moff, Vader did. Palpatine is not pleased when he finds out.

  4. Doublesith is reading the comics! (or at least the reviews) – Birra Seah starts off as a project lead from one of the contractors, but catches Vader’s eye as someone who is willing to get work done and not play CYA games — and has some Force Sensitivity. so he promotes her to acting moff so he can skip out on the job. Palpatine is very not pleased with finding Vader AWOL and some government contractor in his place in an Imperial uniform. gonna have to read the comics (or my review) to find out what happens next to Birra Seah.

  5. I love the comics! I’ve been reading DH’s output since Dark Empire and I enjoy your reviews, James. Honestly, I’ve found DH’S output to be superior overall to Del Rey’s over the last decade qualitywise.

  6. >>I’ve found DH’S output to be superior overall to Del Rey’s over the last decade qualitywise.

    Agreed. More than agreed. Even some of the more repetitive story arcs – yes, I’m talking about you, Legacy – were better than the same repetitiveness over at Del Rey. Plus: Dark Horse had Tag and Bink. :-)

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