Dragon*Con Stargate Stuff

Curse my inability to function on little sleep! Just now getting around to posting the Stargate tidbits from Dragon*Con.

The Stargate Stuff
Tok’ra Spice ClarifiedVanessa Angel, who played the much-maligned character of Anise on SG1, cleared up some things about her character. She was apparently hired to do nine episodes that season and then join the show as a regular; supposedly to cause some jealousies amongst the team. However, she became pregnant three episodes in and just couldn’t complete the role. She also considered Anise to be extremely thoughtful and deliberate and “outside of emotion.” Explains much about how bizarre her character was! (Of course, nothing explains those outfits.)

Filming in the Arctic – Why did Christopher Judge not appear in the scenes recently filmed in the Arctic? Two words: polar bears. He said he pretty much stopped listening after that, but had his decision cemented by the various bathroom issues one encounters there. He stayed home and played golf.

The Return of Beckett Paul McGillion again expressed his appreciation for the fans’ push to bring Carson Beckett back to life. He again teases that the way they bring him back is “very interesting.” (Must be the stock publicity answer for this one.) And he has yet to see if he’s coming back in Season 5.

The Non-Stargate Stuff
Rage of Angels – Christopher Judge’s in-development series will also have a comic book and game associated with it.

Eureka – Both Lexa Doig and Michael Shanks teased about how much fun they had doing Eureka. Lexa is hoping her character can come back. Michael didn’t think his could. Hmm…

More Lifetime Movies! – Both Lexa and Paul have completed movies for Lifetime. Both movies are planned for October air dates.