Discussion: If you could pick one character…

With all the discussion going on recently about the decline of the Expanded Universe (like that’s news,) we’ve all been thinking about what we’d like to see. And I know that for me, it’s always been about the characters. Of all the beefs I have with the New Jedi Order and (increasingly) Fate of the Jedi, the biggest one has to be the ‘everyone and the kitchen sink’ approach to the cast. And while I’m not reading Star Wars novels for ‘new’ characters, there’s clearly plenty of interest.

So here’s what I’m wondering: What Star Wars character would you most like to see headline a Star Wars novel or comic? For the sake of argument (and last week’s most popular post) we’re using an image of a few Jader favorites, but feel free to pick whoever you like.

Are they a movie characters undeserved by the Expanded Universe? An EU character you’d like to see more of? And please keep your answers vague – you never know who might be watching.

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  1. I really loved the Tales From books. I loved getting the story of those who get passed over – so I want to know what happens to the half-trained youngling that escaped Anakin’s rage or a friend of a Jedi who watched their friends clone troopers turn on them, or fleeing Cloud City and cursing believing that Lando would ever amount to a good boss… I want big three + big sides (Wraiths & Rogues & Booster & Karrdes people) or the nobodies I guess.

  2. Mace Windu. He’s a bad-ass. And he’s got a compelling approach to the Force in that he mastered Vaapad, the primary effectiveness of which is that it drifts perilously close to the Dark Side. That is a theme I would like to see explored. Shatterpoint wasn’t enough Mace for me.

    Also, depending on where FOTJ continues to go, let’s see a Ben/Vestara spin-off series. (Only half-kidding. Actually, not at all. I love me some Vestara.)

  3. Deena Shan. She is, in my opinion, one of the only interesting female characters.

    Also I’d love to see short stories in the style of the Tales comics– a variety of characters and situations that may or may not be canon, who cares, they’re awesome.

  4. I’m still wondering who decided to essentially completely write Lando out of the EU, except for a few Deus Ex Machina appearances. One of the best OT characters has been completely short changed in the EU.

  5. Just one? Gah, that’s hard. There are so many I’d like to read about. Forgoing the obvious (L/M)…

    Talon Karrde. My second favorite EU character and woefully underused.

    Other picks would be Soontir Fel/Wynnsa Starflare.

  6. I loved what Aaron Allston did with the Antilles girls in LotF (might have been the only thing about LotF I enjoyed).

    I’d absolutely adore a set of books follow Syal and Myri’s exploits.

  7. I would pick KOTOR2’s Atton Rand. Yeah, he was a little whiny at times (though not nearly as whiny as Carth Onasi who got himself some comic cameos after all), but the life of a Jedi hunter/gambler/gun for hire/Exile sidekick should make for a nice couple of novels. I admit he could turn into the next Corran Sue Horn, but given the right author – JJM would spring to mind or maybe a Bantam veteran of sorts (dare I say: KJA?) – Atton could be something.
    If not him, I’d go for Mira. Or Atris. Or in fact the Exile. Yes, I loved The Sith Lords. In spite of all its bugs, cuts, and other mutilations. :-)

  8. I’ve been pulling for Talon Karrde lately, so I’ll mention him again. For any prequel era stuff – more Yoda. Dark Rendezvous was a great look at Yoda, and they could do more with the guy in a book than on TV, I think.

  9. Realistically, I’d like a young Thrawn…really young, like school aged or just heading into the military, a pure plung into Chiss society and family life.

    Or a book following that Ewok pilot…or Wicket. Short and primitive does not mean stupid. So it would be fun to read an adult level story, that took the Ewoks seriously.

    Unrealistically, I want a young adult Anakin Solo in an AU where NJO never happened. And Ikrit and Tahiri must be a big part of the story as well. I want it set on a small scale…no galactic crisis.

  10. “an adult level story, that took the Ewoks seriously.” That actually sounds kinda fascinating. I’m always for more exploration of alien customs.

  11. Am I the only big fan of the continuing EU? Ayiyi. For me, the continuing EU actually has a bright future. I wish they would stop skipping so far ahead in the timeline(eherm, Legacy) so there would actually be some suspense.

  12. Chak Fel (from “Survivor’s Quest”). He is super awesome and probably has some cool backstory to explore.

  13. Quinlan Vos. I would love to see a novel wrap up his story from the comics. What happens to him after Revenge of the Sith?

  14. I really liked the central characters from The Force Unleashed (Starkiller/Juno/Rahm Kota/PROXY) and would read more stories about them. That said, I bought the novelization of TFUII but haven’t read it yet because I’m not quite sure what to make of the idea of continuing that story past the end of the first one.

  15. I’d also be on the Wedge bandwagon, myself. I just find him interesting.

    I’d also love to read more about Tycho Celchu.

    And, of course, Mara. ::grin::

  16. I am also a fan of the “Tales from…” books, and I could see a “Tales from the Clone Wars” as ripe for lots of different story ideas.

    Narrowing down a favorite character to headline a story… that’s tough…

    for movie characters that could still have some neat stories around them:
    Bail Organa in the pre-ANH timeframe could make for a neat novel.
    A Lando Calrissian comic could be pretty cool – the closest i’ve seen him headlining a comic was in “Underworld”

    Did I see some Deena Shan love up there? Where’s the like button?! I’d also click like on Quinlan Vos and the Rogues/Wraiths.

  17. Seconding (thirding?) the idea of another “Tales of…” anthology. Especially if it had to do with the Separatists. They don’t get enough love.

    For individual character? Raith Seinar. Only because 1) he’s behind the inventions, as well as the politics, of the technology of all the major wars in the films, 2) we need a story about engineers in SW (only because, when you think about it, there are a TON of EU engineers, but few ever got a major role in a story) and 3) Raith was a cool enough bloke in Rogue Planet to warrant a novel.

  18. I second Barriss Coffee! I’d love to see s a story from the Seperatist’s perspective. These guys are devoted freedom fighters who think the Empire might soon infringe on their freedom, and guess what? They’re absolutely, one hundred percent right! I’m sure a lot of Seperatists became Rebels after Palpatine took over. That transition would make for a good story, or is that the story Lucas is going to tell in his live-action show?

    A story from a battle droid’s perspective would be pretty dang cool. Also, I want to know more about Dooku. Does he really believe in the Separatists cause? Does he know what Palpatine is planning?

  19. I would love to see more stories from the corporate sector, so some Tales from stories headed by badure, jessa, doc and especially gallandro would rock.

  20. More Tales of… books would be awesome. More Lando and Karrde would also be nice. And I’d like to see Ben’s growth as a character as well. (LOVE how he is just like every 16 year old boy I’ve ever had the pleasure of teaching in the two FOTJ books I’ve read).

    would like to also see something from Mara’s youth.

  21. Soontir & Syal Fel. So much opportunity for storytelling there.

    I’d actually like to see Jaina headline a book too instead of being one of a million side plots.

    But I’d totally take an ex-smugglers-a-thon.

  22. I’d like to see something on the Fett women; Sintas Vel, Aylin Vel or Mirta Gev. I think there’s real potential for some more ‘action girl’ comics or stories out of them.

  23. Well, obviously, I’m going to vote for a smuggler or a wraith, but…

    I really want to see a Syal Antilles-Fel novel. I got pretty stoked about it when they mentioned they were working on a holostar novel… but they let me down.

    Seriously, she’s the most under-written character in the EU. Surely she’s done something awesome? Something girly, but clever? She’s an Antilles! And a Fel! There has to be a super-mom story in there somewhere!

    Also, I really adored the CSI: Skywalker bits of LotF … can we get more of that? ;3

  24. I’m sure this isn’t a shock to those that know me, but I would love to see a series of Cor Sec stuff with Corran Horn…

    I second or third the Talon Karrde or the Antilles girls as well.

    No more uber-powerful Jedi. I’m tired of reading those books.

  25. The Rebellion era comics have a lot of loose threads I’d like to see picked up again (Boshek, Sunber, et al.)

    A Lando novel would be nice. He’s cameoed in a few recent novels, but I’d like to see him get a book all to himself again. It’d have to be really wacky, though. There’s a rule somewhere that says Lando novels need to be wacky.

    Also, while I’m hesitant to suggest more Clone Wars stuff, since that era is already overexposed, the aforementioned Dooku novel and/or short story collection would be welcome.

    Finally, the long shot: a Palpatine novel. But only if it’s done right. By which I mean Stover or Luceno.

  26. I second Kiki’s request to let Jaina headline a book.

    A Fel or Antilles-centric story would make me happy.

    How about the Horn kids? I, Jedi 2.

    Tycho, Winter, Face, Janson…

    Can’t pick just one character, but you’re spot on highlighting the topic of characters. One of the reasons people are drawn to the EU is the character recognition, but recently many of the books are OC types rather than building off what they already have created within the GFFA.

    How about Marasiah, Antares, and Ganner from the Legacy era?

  27. More ‘Tales’ anthologies would be great. And if a Tales of The Clone Wars was ever released, I’d find it nearly impossible not to buy it.

  28. The ones that came to my mind have already been mentioned. So I’ll just chime in and say that if stories along the lines of the ones mentioned in this thread showed up on bookstore shelves, then I’d be buying. ;)

  29. Not the most glitzy of characters, but Crix Madine is a character with some fantastic backstory that’s been criminally underused. I’d love to see something on his time in the Empire.

  30. Jaxxon, and I do not kid.

    Also: Camie, along with whichever other Tosche Station kids stayed on Tatooine.

    Also also: pre-ANH Biggs.

  31. One character to base a comic on? Brezzic Marr, just for being the most badass-looking stormtrooper in Star Wars.


    Behind the scars and the kill marks and the missing chunk of ear and the Soap MacTavish mohawk and what looks like a SPAS-12 slung on his back you know there’s a hell of a story. He’s the CO of a platoon of incompetent stormtroopers and his leadership is the only thing keeping it together, and there’s nothing on him besides that. The perfect character to expand on.

  32. FredH – inspired, I would read those in a heartbeat, REAL Star Wars! Also agree, Madines story would be fascinating too. Maybd a Tales of the Alliance Leadership book with madine, Ackbar, Mothma, etc?

  33. I totally agree about your beef. I really thought the Luke Skywalker book was going to focus on just him; but Leia, Han, and everyone else were there, too.

    I’m going to pick Shaak Ti in something set before the Clone War. Really, any alien Jedi in that time frame would do, but since the TV show isn’t exploring what it’s like to be a Togruta, perhaps a novel could.

    A prequel era Tales book wouldn’t hurt either.

  34. This is so hard… I would say Ben Skywalker. I have really taken a liking to him in the fate of the Jedi. Maybe in the future when he’s an adult. I’m just curious to see what kind of Jedi he becomes.

  35. I couldn’t really pick one, so I narrowed it down to my top 5:

    5. Talon Karrde
    4. Talon Karrde
    3. Talon Karrde
    2. Wedge Antilles
    1. Talon Karrde

  36. Ghent! I am really hoping some of the Zahn’s annotations discuss him. He has always been my favorite character.

  37. …I REALLY hope someone from Del Rey (or even the fiction editor at the Insider) is reading this? Are you? We want more ‘Tales From’ books! They were cool, they worked!

  38. I had some thoughts, but then Pabawan mentioned Slyther Bushforb, and I of course tossed them aside to jump on that bandwagon.

    (It’s not like it’s likely that Voren Na’al could carry his own novel anyway.)

  39. I’ve got quite a few characters within novels on my wish list. First and foremost I would love to see one concerned with some adventures of Luke, Mara and Ben together, taking place after the Dark Nest trilogy, but – for obvious reasons – before the LOTF series. Preferably written by the inventor of Mara, T. Zahn. Inclusion of other typical Zahn characters like Talon Karrde would be welcome. A second wish relates to a novel about Jacen’s Force quest. Another nice one would be a novel about Jaina, whether or not accompanied by Jag. In the FOTJ series the authors just don’t know what to do with her, and that is regrettable and she has lots of promise as a character as some books within NJO and LOTF have shown. My preference is for novels taking place after ROTJ, but I admit I did enjoy Knight Errant very much. So a second Kerra Holt story would be welcome too. Eventually, a Ben/Vestara Spin-off would really be something, but that will have to wait.

  40. Lumiya. I love the old Marvel Star Wars comics. Lumiya had great potential, being one of the first “hands” of the Emperor and one Vaders’ first apprentice/operatives. She had all the great potential of being a truly great opponent for Luke, what with their emotional backgrounds and baggage. I could go on and on. Lumiya was/is a great villain.

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