Dinner and a movie: Best #StarWars, #EpisodeVII and #SWEU tweets for April 8-14

@Paulskemp: Instead of "Yoga," I typed, "I've got to do Yoda tomorrow," which is a very different thing. "Take me to dinner first you must, hmm? Hmm?"

Because. Just because.

Best #StarWars tweets for April 8-14

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Instead of "Yoga," I typed, "I’ve got to do Yoda tomorrow," which is a very different thing. "Take me to dinner first you must, hmm? Hmm?"Paul S. Kemp
How to make the rain more fun: stand near a busy exit and imagine lightsaber noises every time someone opens an umbrella.Jason Kottke
I have seen crazy stuff at the @GGBridge. But this is one I have never seen. Until today. #StarWars #Stormtrooper pic.twitter.com/P4xWP3bdNQCHP Marin
I’m only ten minutes in to Trainspotting and I will never be able to watch Star Wars the same way again .-.Alakin
the school bathroom sinks remind me of jar jar binks from Star Wars…. pic.twitter.com/JTjDxlpHM9courtney hartenburg
Sometimes I forget how much I love Star Wars. And then I watch Return of the Jedi and I remember what perfection is. #StarWarsLisa Zeles
I feel like a herd of Banthas brutally stampeded over me and then let the Tusken Raiders pillage my dying body. #NerdRantOverBilly Jepma
FILE UNDER: #BADASS Colin McGregor Ret. RAF Tornado Pilot & #TopGun Brother of Ewan McGregor Call Sign: Obi-Two pic.twitter.com/KFySEWjxwRKevin Rubio

Disney & #EpisodeVII

About time for some more #EpisodeVII rumors. I’ll start one. Han dies in the first 10 minutes. Leia kisses Luke again in awkward moment.Danny Lawson
If Fox had bought Lucasfilm people would be getting cease & desist orders for all the Vadering pics.Wedge
Only OT actor that really needs to be back is Hamill. But I won’t complain if Ewan can get Uncle Denis to play fleet commander Wedge.Brian
I hope Lucasfilm is paying attention to the polarized aftermath of Thatcher’s death as research for a post-Emperor galaxy far, far away.Bassim El-Wakil

The Expanded Universe

Finished copies of #STARWARS DAWN OF THE JEDI: INTO THE VOID arrived. On sale May 7. #SWEU @timlebbon pic.twitter.com/moMxExyw9IStarWarsBooks
Just found out that in Germany, CRUCIBLE will be called FEUERPROBE. Sounds dirty. #sweuJennifer Heddle
For the record, the city planet was pretty much fully developed for Return of the Jedi. The novels just gave it a name.Pablo Hidalgo
Yeah, here’s the 1987 "debut" of "Coruscant" in a cheeky RPG ad that uses RotJ concept art for the planet. pic.twitter.com/lqeasiDJ6UPablo Hidalgo
Currently packing boxes full of these Shakespeare Star Wars posters for @c2e2! Expect a giveaway soon! pic.twitter.com/xsRgTvqQOSQuirk Books
"Is every third human in this galaxy named Solo?" Yes, more or less. #WaruExpress #SWEUBria
Today a friend laughed at my enthusiastic participation in a shouted, cross-classroom discussion on the Star Wars expanded Universe.Michael Chasin

Star Wars life

All my group members are working hard on this database project and I’m over here trying to get my hair to look like Princess Leia’s.Alexis Yazge
Just downloaded "Angry Bird Star Wars". My excuse is Caleb will love to play it, but in reality we all know what happens next. #BestSisAwardSara Teel
Sometime when I’m all alone in the dark I give my stuffed animals glow sticks and pretend they’re Star Wars characters in battle #secretemily smith
My phone knows the word Lucasfilm but not location. I’ve taught it well. I think.Ryan Williams
Um okay dad… He thinks he’s Chewbacca from Star Wars.. #notevenclose pic.twitter.com/SSTNRPq5ZRIsabella


The kids at work keep referring to the Clone Wars as the Cologne Wars. #commonmistake #WhatScentIsWarCourtney Combs
Someone said that Mara Jade is a consistent character. They must not have read the same #SWEU I did.Nanci Schwartz
"Am I the only one–?" Yes. You are the only one. Only you can bring balance to the force. YOU are the chosen one.All hail the one true kingMandy Bulat

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