Didn’t we just leave this party? Harrison Ford reportedly wants Indiana Jones killed off

According to gossip site ShowbizSpy, Harrison Ford has been lobbying George Lucas and Steven Spielberg to kill off Indy in the next installment of the series.

“Harrison thinks it would be good for Indy to die and pass on his hat to his son in the next one,” reveals an insider.

“George especially is resisting the notion but Steven is considering it. Funnily enough Harrison wanted the same for Han Solo in the final Star Wars but George put an end to it. This time he doesn’t have all the say though.”

Bogus? Maybe. It’s a little too similar to the Han Solo story for me to believe, but I wouldn’t be all that surprised either. (via)

UPDATE: A rep for Ford told the Huffington Post that the report is false. Shocking! Now back to your regularly scheduled whatever.

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  1. Not entirely convinced it’s real, but Harrison has advocated for this kind of stuff in the past.

    As I said on Twitter, I like to think that these types of heroes always just live on somewhere; even though they couldn’t really. But still…

  2. There’s also the continuity issue – in the bookends for the tv series “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles”, Indiana Jones is shown to be alive and kicking in the early ’90s, telling his tales of his youth to family and strangers, as an old man. While the bookends were almost completely edited out for the video releases, Old Indy’s hands appear, holding his diary in the final credits.

    It makes sense to me though that Harrison would want Indy to die – it finishes off the role for Mr. Ford, and makes it much tougher for them to make another one for someone else to fill in. As for passing the hat (and whip), the world of Mutt Williams is very different than the world of Indiana Jones.

  3. as long it has a good plot, i’m cool with indy passing on. what i would looove to see is a 1940’s style animated Adventures of Indiana Jones cartoon.. i imagine it done in the old cliffhanger style…”how will indiana jones survive this? tune in next week to find out!” that would be fun.

  4. Good story to keep Indy in the news but it won’t happen, what’s the point? Plus, as mentioned, the Young Indy bookends (though edited out) contradict this.

  5. I wish they’d just….you know….stop making the movies. Then no one would have to die. And we could all be spared the horribleness that is Shea LaBeauf’s acting and Ford’s obvious not-wanting-to-be-there-but-wants-a-paycheck performances. (ILU Harrison, but we all know why you decided to go back to playing Indy)

  6. Dunc: not only does George follow his own continuity, but also everything in the expanded adventures…

    so in this final outing for Indy, the following will be referenced:
    * playing baseball with Leo Tolstoy
    * getting dumped by three women on his 21st birthday.
    * his first marriage to Deidre Campbell
    * finally setting a month date for the events of Raiders
    * letting Sallah open the Temple of the Forbidden Eye to tourists
    * flying on a dragon over Japan
    * escaping from zombies in Haiti
    * traveling on the Titanic
    * finding the first emperor of China, twice
    * keeping the Nazis out of Atlantis
    * finding the Staff of Moses, the Staff of Aaron, and the secret of Mount Sinai all at different times.
    * retrieving the Lombardi Trophy
    * how he lost that eye

    and finally, after experiencing the worst of the 1990s, dying.

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