Mondo’s latest Star Wars prints offer up something new

I’ve been running hot and cold (mostly cold) on the more recent Star Wars prints from Mondo. But the latest offerings – which go on sale later today – are pretty neat. They’re limited run and go on sale sometime today – You’ll have to keep an eye on Mondo’s Twitter to find out exactly.

UPDATE: And… Gone.

15 Replies to “Mondo’s latest Star Wars prints offer up something new”

  1. If it wasn’t for the Fett I would actually consider buying these. It’s the closest they’ve come to something I would want since the very first Gonk one.

  2. I really wanted the ROTJ poster, but no dice.

    I won’t try for another of their posters no matter how much I like it. If that’s how fast they sell out there’s no way. I can’t compete with that.

  3. I get the reasoning behind “limited editions” but a window of availability of under a minute or two….yikes. Total turnoff.

    Mondo likes to flaunt how their stuff is such high quality. I’d like to think that offering lower cost, lower quality prints at SWshop wouldn’t affect the value of Mondo’s LE’s, but who knows?

  4. Was really going to try and get one of these. I don’t usually go for Mondo’s stuff, but these I really liked. Walked away for three minutes to move a load of laundry to the dryer and when I came back they had not only gone on sale but completely sold out.

  5. These are brilliant work bit Saul Bass inspired I’d say but none the less some quality work. I’m a graphic designer so stuff like this gets me all excited anyway but I ‘m really hoping you get a positive responce Dunc!

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