Did The Clone Wars S1 go out with a bang?

Is that a subtle facial expression I see?

So, kids: Will you be picking up the inevitable Cad Bane action figure? (No, seriously. This is a serious discussion thread for serious The Clone Wars discussion. Serious. Okay, not really.)

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8 Replies to “Did The Clone Wars S1 go out with a bang?”

  1. Tonight’s season finale was something of a surprise to me. I had expected a cliff-hanger, but was pleasantly surprised to have the episode end without one. All in all, it was one of my favorites of the season.

  2. I always thought Star Wars is best when it wears either its western or serial roots on its sleeve. Also, when it doesn’t invite serious discussion.

  3. The finale rates 3.5 WTF?s for me. Anakin sets his saber down and now all of a sudden the best Force power he can come up with is mind tricks? He can’t even sense someone sneaking up behind him? He gets in a fistfight with a droid that lasts almost a minute?


    And the so-called [Dr Evil] lasers [/Dr Evil] trapping the Senators looked like it had plenty of room to wriggle under.

    Palpatine gave up pretty easy. I’m hoping that this is all one of Sidious’ machinations to foul the war up.

    Epic Meh.

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