Battlestar Galactica is over! What did you think?

Oh Apollo, you and your daring fashion choices

Did it rock? Did it suck? Is Battlestar truly the best science fiction show of the moment? Address these, and other deep questions, in the comments. (Please.)

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  1. I’m happy with it. I tend to be a fairly uncritical BSG viewer. (It helps, I think, that I didn’t start on this season until halfway through and watched them in big chunks at a time.)

    Beef: I know this is TV and We Are Just Stupid Viewers, but the robot montage was way too much anvil. But, you know, as far as beefs go, it could be worse.

  2. I watched a little of the BSG behind the scenes…I think I’m still hung up on the fact they made Starbuck a girl, it’s created a mental block that won’t let me get into the new BSG…and now the new BSG is gone. Ah well…

    Okay, actually I think it’s more that the new BSG always seemed SO serious, so much darker. The old BSG had it’s serious side, but it had more of a family vibe. And I liked that.

  3. It worked. I think that it will play better without two commercials crammed between every two scenes of the last hour. The very, very end was a too on the nose.

    I kind of wanted to see the Galactica go out like Babylon 5, but I’m satisfied with this as an ending. Probably won’t be back for Caprica, either. None of the material they’ve shown has interested me at all. They’re just trying to make it more complicated now. You’re done guys. Let it go.

  4. I liked everything except for the end montage about the Aibos and Roombas ganging up to kill us all. One could take the Cylons as a metaphor for our high-tech society eventually leading to our destruction, but I don’t think it should be taken that literally…

    The first hour pushed the same “awesome giant space battle” buttons that were installed when I first watched ROTJ, so I was satisfied there.

  5. It was pretty good for television. A satisfying ending to a story that really shouldn’t have taken four years to tell.

  6. i enjoyed it – after the main action climax, it felt a little like the end of Return of the King with the multiple endings needed to wrap up people’s stories, but it came out well. and as Doyle said, it will play better without all those frakkin’ commercials.

    and i disagree with Dan – the aibos and roombas are not ganging up. to me, the show ended on a surprisingly cheerful note.

  7. Jen and I sat and watched the last five episodes (seven hours, including the frakkin’ special!) back to back on Saturday.

    Considering that the show was supposed to run more seasons, but then they decided to wrap it up when the network wouldn’t commit to a solid (two?) more years, I thought they wrapped it up rather smoothly, akshully.

    The side-by-side opera/battle sequence with Roslyn and Athena was sweetly done, the vengeance/justice of Athena/Boomer, the resolution of the unseen issue with Tyrol/Tory, Ellen appearing more human now that she’s a cylon, and can I just say, Dean Stockwell was awesome in this show. They all were. I loved the original BSG, and freaked out when I saw Starbuck was female, but I’m ever so glad I gave the show a chance. It was flawed, it had issues, but I truly believe they were the exception opposed to a rather magnificent rule.

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