Did Oscar Isaac get his wish for Poe Dameron’s homeworld?


Several months ago, Oscar Isaac talked about what planet he hoped was his character’s homeworld. Now, there was nothing wrong with his preference, but given that he was talking so openly about it, I doubt it was any form of canon at the time.

But it is now. Shattered Empire spoilers ahead!

We know that the main character of the Shattered Empire is Poe’s mother, Shara Bey, and that Poe himself is already in the picture. We never actually see him in the comic, but the last page makes it very clear where Shara and Kes have settled.


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Lest you doubt, Marvel editor Jordan D. White has confirmed it is indeed Yavin 4.

Isaac was born in Guatemala, where Mayan ruins were used as the location for the Rebel base in A New Hope.

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  1. I hope the canon Yavin 4 is nicer than the Legends version, which I recall being filled with all sorts of nasty wildlife. Not to mention a few undead Sith Lords.

    1. Well, it is still a tropical jungle, so I doubt it’ll be totally free of weird and potentially dangerous wildlife, but probably not quite as dramatic as the EU version. (Thanks, KJA.) And the undead Sith lords make more sense on dusty mostly-dead planets like Moraband/Korriban.

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