Did Adam Driver just let loose a huge Rey spoiler?

…Or is he actually referring to another major cast member? The quote in British GQ could be read as Rey, but I think GQ is misinterpreting. The quote below the cut.

First, on Kylo himself, some good stuff:

“I remember the initial conversations about having things ‘skinned’,” Driver recalls, “peeling away layers to evolve into other people, and the person Kylo’s pretending to be on the outside is not who he is. He’s a vulnerable kid who doesn’t know where to put his energy, but when he puts his mask on, suddenly, he’s playing a role. JJ had that idea initially and I think Rian took it to the next level.”

Then, this:

You have, also, the hidden identity of this princess who’s hiding who she really is so she can survive and Kylo Ren and her hiding behind these artifices,” Driver says, apparently dropping a massive revelation about Rey’s royal origins.

Yeah, okay. We’ll see. But I can’t see Adam Driver, of all people, actually dropping a huge explicit spoiler, particularly given there’s a literal secret-identity princess in the room and she’s his mom. (Jason at Making Star Wars thinks it’s a metaphor, which, sure. Also more plausible.)

And then there’s this:


UPDATE: In the actual article, which you can read thanks to starwarsnonsense on Tumblr (via) – Driver’s “princess” comment follows talk of Akira Kurosawa’s The Hidden Fortress, a key influence on Star Wars which involves an actual hidden princess. Looks like we may have us an analogy!

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    1. Yup. So Driver knowing that bit of backstory (which came in part from Rian Johnson) is about 200% more likely than the reporter being aware it even exists.

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