Dave Filoni “exploring new Star Wars content” for Disney?

Supervising Director Dave Filoni / Photo by Jocelyn Knight from starwarsblog @ FlickrIt’s brief, but TVLine has a report from the Disney Channel upfront yesterday:

Disney Channels Worldwide boss Gary Marsh also said the company is “working closely with LucasFilm, Kathleen Kennedy and director Dave Filoni (Star Wars: The Clone Wars) to explore new Star Wars content for our platforms,” to be detailed later this year.

It does echo the announcement from the other day, but any port in a storm. (via)

What would you like to see Filoni and company explore? Head beneath the cut for a poll!

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10 Replies to “Dave Filoni “exploring new Star Wars content” for Disney?”

  1. I’m hoping for a show that picks up right where The Clone Wars left off and goes into the era where Darth Vader hunts remaining Jedi and plot threads from The Clone Wars can be finished up after that era.

    To be honest, a Rogue Squadron television is something that can be explored in almost any era they moved into. I’m not sure it is strong enough to sustain a series, but I think if we move into any era with Luke Skywalker as a young man to an old man, Rogue Squadron can exist and be explored accordingly. But 22 episodes of that would get tired quick, in my opinion.

    I hope they don’t move the show back thousands of years because all of that is irrelevant to me and it is now difficult to navigate with so many stories in that era with KOTOR, TOR, and the novels and stuff.

    Dark Times or any time post Episode VI I say. I would like to see what Luke was up to after Return of the Jedi and have that set up Episode VII. That would be fun or nice.

    Either way, I’m excited for a new show.

  2. KOTOR would be awesome. The KOTOR comics are some of my favorite and show how the series allows for really open and exciting stories. (TOR, on the other hand, is an example of how not to tell a Star Wars story).

  3. Probably. But I am interested to see what the poll shows, even if my choice is second to last. :P

  4. Please, for the love of all that is good and right… no more KOTOR stuffs. It’s not bad, per say, I just can’t seem to care about the time period.

  5. Actually, I think I would like a best-of show, something like Tionne telling stories from the Holocron: 40 minutes long, new characters every week, a best-of Star Wars overview starting 20.000 years before Yavin and ending a couple of months before Episode VII. They could bring in EU stuff, new stuff, old stuff retold in the “Tales” style… They could even go Infinities since the guy making the Holocron perhaps just didn’t know better. :-)

  6. Oh no… this is a problem for the ones who ant the Clone Wars to continue. It will be harder to bring the show back if Dave Filoni is working on something else. Good thing he is still working on the “bonus” episodes.

    What is sad s the the future animated series will probably not be as high quality as the Clone Wars animation-wise. When George Lucas was there, money was no problem, he loved the show. But now that it’s Disney, the budget will probably get a whole lot tighter.

  7. I think a “young jedi” series is most likely. It’s Disney you guys.

    It would be cool if the show was woven into the continuity of the next three films, kind of like the original Marvel comics.

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