Cute attack: Star Wars at Build-A-Bear Workshop

Shouldn't the more reddish bear get Obi-Wan's outfit? NOT CANON!

Even putting the Ewoks aside, fanmade Star Wars and other sci-fi themed teddy bears are nothing new, as a quick search on Flickr (and CJ’s own Lissy) will tell you.

But now we have something from the official realm to make it easier to please kids and collectors: Star Wars costumes from Build-a-bear Workshop. Currently they only have Clone Wars-inspired Anakin, Jedi (totally Obi-Wan,) and Rex, plus a Darth Vader and a themed pajama set. Will we see more movie-inspired styles? I suspect the Christmas sales rates will tell us… Dressed bears cost $40-$35, and the costumes alone go for $15-12. The Vader outfit is currently one of their top 20 products! (via)

4 Replies to “Cute attack: Star Wars at Build-A-Bear Workshop”

  1. Finally! My godsons gave me a Build-a-Bear years ago and cobbled together a Jedi outfit with a karate gi and a robe. Cute, but not quite there.

  2. BTW do an internet search for BaB coupons before shopping. For example there is a “$5 off of a $25+ order” coupon out there that can be printed out & used in store.

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