Our first 45 second look at Solo

As predicted, a Solo commercial graced the screens of Super Bowl watchers, and the full trailer will drop on Good Morning America Monday morning.

Head over to Entertainment Weekly for some analysis from Anthony Breznican, who will have some actual reveals for us next week, or below for some (mostly) official stills, including two that aren’t from the trailer.

6 Replies to “Our first 45 second look at Solo”

  1. Potential…..although some are already bitching about the newness of the Falcon – as if it had never experienced being new. As in before A New Hope, ya know?

    1. I haven’t seen as much bitching as I have just… Shock. Like, I’m just intrigued how it gets from there to the dingy version we know and love.

      1. Years of flying over the speed limit? Questionable cargo? Loss of the new car smell?

  2. The design is great, and I’m getting a 70’s vibe, but I’m not sure why the tone and color grade seems so grim. I always got the sense that Solo was a selfish rogue before he met Luke and Leia, and that he lived in the colorful, exotic and kind of sleezy world represented by the cantina. If anything, this film looks more like Shadows of the Empire than Han Solo At Stars’ End.

    1. I wonder if we WILL see big explosions of color once Lando comes into Han’s life. He stands out so much otherwise. And if the snowy and industrial stuff are the same planet, say Corellia, than the whole Rust Belt winter feel is more than appropriate. Maybe meeting Lando/winning the Falcon takes Han out of that life, and into something different.

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