Choking hazards: Best #StarWars and #TheForceAwakens tweets for Jan. 23-Feb. 18

@leninwtigger: Ok, if you buy a Darth Vader toy and the box comes with a warning about a choking hazard, is that ironic?

Finally, a box tag that might beat the ‘slashing action’ Obi-Wan. Since last time, Hasbro woke the dragon (again,) we talked a lot about spoilers in general (no actual spoilers below,) and those Star Wars phonics workbooks got a workout. Also, a doggy!

Issue du jour: Hasbro

The Force Awakens

Spoilers! (But not actual spoilers, because I’m only half an asshole. )

(I’ll have some more thoughts on spoilers in general soon.)


The Expanded Universe

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