Choices of One gets a new cover for paperback

The much-maligned Choices of One cover is getting a whole new look for paperback.

The new cover still features Mara Jade, and while it does look a little like something from a video game, it looks more like actual cover art than a particularly awkward screenshot. (And slightly anime-flavored? Bonus: Sleeves!) In any case, I’ll give this a hearty UPGRADE.

8 Replies to “Choices of One gets a new cover for paperback”

  1. Kudos for the better use of color and the more sweeping feel to it.

    I’m not a big fan of her face, though. It does feel cartoony.

    But still, a good direction!

  2. That is a VAST improvement. The other looked like Natalie Portman’s head photoshopped alongside some awkwardly placed stormtroopers. This one, despite its anime-ness, is at least worthy of Jade’s character.

  3. The overall design is much better and Mara’s really cool. Still, here she looks like a dyed brunette – and I’m pretty tired of the “busty look”… Not to speak of the loose-long-hair +combat-dress combi…
    I still think the first, dumped cover was best when it comes to Mara’s portrayal – even though she looked like Natalie Portman…

  4. Huh. Still not a fan, myself. I do think they should continue with the “realistic” look of the Fate of the Jedi covers for novels. At least to some extent. That said, the covers for FotJ are the only things that interest me when it comes to that series.

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