Celebration Europe announces first guest, ticket prices

Dave FiloniLooks like we’re in Celebration mode again… Reed and Lucasfilm today released a few key bits of information today.

The con’s first announced guest is The Clone Wars’ Supervising Director Dave Filoni, favorite of children everywhere.

Secondly? The ticket pricing rates. Buying a 3-day pass before the show will set you back €95 (adult) and €45 (kid,) along with a “facilitation fee,” with prices going up to €105/€55 on-site.

What’s really interesting is that Reed seems to have done away with the Jedi Knight VIP level and will only be offering Jedi Master packages. They’re limited to 225 and will set you back €500 a pop (plus fees.)

The second Celebration Europe is being held in Essen, Germany July 26-28th.

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  1. Dave is coming? I’m so getting an autograph! :-) Other guests on my wishlist: Ashley Eckstein, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Timothy Zahn, Jan Duursema and John Jackson Miller. Not necessarily in that order. :-)

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