Catching up with Rogue One: Post-trailer madness

Rogue One (Phil Noto)As is quickly becoming tradition, Phil Noto (on his own) did a post-trailer poster. (Also on his Tumblr.) Revelist has collected some of the first wave fan art. (You can also keep an eye on the Rogue One tag on our Tumblr.)

→ Here’s one for any of your less-than-obsessive friends who might be confused about where Rogue One fits in, from our pal Bryan Young. (On that note, as I was writing that last sentence, my mom texted me asking about “the Jedi in the white cape.” That said, I have no doubt that Lucasfilm is already well aware of the issue and has planned marketing accordingly. We’re still most of a year away from the movie, remember?)

→ A look at the new (and old) stormtroopers we see the trailer, from a 501ster.

→ Naturally, our first official announcement post-trailer was the toy packaging.

→ Second official announcement: Rogue One director Gareth Edwards, co-producer John Swartz, and executive producer John Knoll will pick the Filmmaker Select award for the Star Wars Fan Film Awards. (Seems like this replaces the ‘George Lucas Selects’ category of previous years.) Submissions are open through April 24.

→ Of course, you can’t have a new Star Wars movie trailer without folks jumping to conclusions about certain characters, and ‘Jyn Erso is Rey’s mom!’ has been popular enough to warrant pieces arguing against it from Birth Movie Death’s Devin Faraci and IGN’s Terri Schwartz, both of which I very much agree with. (I also find the oh-so-related ‘Jyn is the new Mara Jade!’ speculation deeply distasteful, which I may go into further detail on soon. As for the Jan Ors comparisons, Pablo has it covered.)

4 Replies to “Catching up with Rogue One: Post-trailer madness”

  1. But she’s the only other girl at Yavin besides Mon Mothma who isn’t Luke’s sister! She has to be the new Mara Jade!

    Of course, Mon Mothma is a red head….

    (I’ll duck now)

    1. Har har.

      A lot of it seems to be people missing Mara, but I don’t think it’s fair to EITHER character this early on. Or Mon Mothma, for that matter. These next couple of years are gonna be tough on her, poor woman.

  2. I didn’t even think of it in relation to Mara, I just am like “Can we wait and see if she even lives through the movie in any shape to be anyone’s mother? Or maybe she becomes a hermit. Or falls in love with an alien who could not in any way be Rey’s father. Maybe she doesn’t like boys. (I realize that doesn’t rule out having kids, however.)” It’s like the “Is Ezra Rey’s father” question that’s gone around Quora…just being in vaguely the right demographic and having a similar hair color does not mean characters are related! How small do people think a galaxy actually is?

    1. …Or, and I am not endorsing this because not every movie needs a damn love story, what if she ends up falling in love with Diego Luna’s character?

      (People are also speculating that Luna is Poe’s father, but the Kes Dameron we saw in Shattered Empire looks nothing like him, so… Yeah. Okay. I also think the comic writer implied in an interview that he believes the Damerons didn’t join up until after Yavin, and would he be saying that if he’d been told one of them was in RO? I doubt it.)

      But basically, yeah, it is just TOO soon. It’s like speculating on Rey’s parents pre-TFA, when half the fandom was convinced she was a Solo. Except for the part where we knew Rey would actually survive, anyway. And while most speculation just makes me roll my eyes, I think the Rey’s mom/new Mara stuff is just way too heavy an expectation at this point.

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