Calamari wishes and Carbonite dreams: Best #StarWars, #EpisodeVII and #SWEU tweets for Feb. 4-10

@wonderella: Disney's filling in the gaps in the Star Wars saga! Finally we'll see Han's adventures between Empire and Return of the Jedi.

Last week, we learned that Star Wars solo films are a real thing that’s actually happening, although no one has confirmed who they’ll actually feature…. But naturally Han Solo was trending for a while because, well, the internet. (Suck it, Boba Fett!) All that and the usual below the cut.

Best #StarWars tweets For Feb. 4-10

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Disney’s filling in the gaps in the Star Wars saga! Finally we’ll see Han’s adventures between Empire and Return of the Jedi.Wonderella
The only way I’ll get excited over the Young Han Solo movie is if it’s bookended by scenes of Harrison Ford playing the sax.Matthew Miller
"Trust me. I’ll never be frozen in carbonite!" Laugh line from the new movie ‘Disney’s Young Han Solo Adventures’.JJ of hollydogfilms
"Man, Disney’s really milking Star Wars." If I bought a 4 billion dollar dairy, guess what I’d be doing, too.Bobby
Every time someone puts up another unconfirmed #episodeVII rumor, J.J. Abrams kills another Ewok. So, keep it up, people. Keep it up.Trace
People that think #StarWars has sold out are adorable. If this is their standard, it sold out decades ago.Brian
The (existing) movies
Can’t imagine what time Darth Maul wakes up in the morning to get his make-up on. #StarWarsChristopher Barnes
Double bladed lightsabers just announce to the world "I’m compensating for something" #starwarsLord Linnaeus
"Search your feelings, Lord Vader, you will know it to be true." … Well, thanks for not answering Vader’s question, douche. #StarWarsHjorten
You can’t call yourself a lawyer or a teacher unless you complete the training, same goes with being a Jedi. Talking to you, LUKE. #starwarsAlison Tafel

Episode VII and spin-offs

Haven’t heard anything about the new Star Wars movies. I’ll let you know if I’m involved. #donthecloakagainEwan McGregor
The last time I saw #StarWars in theaters my hair was crimped, CRIMPED. Seriously can’t wait for #EpisodeVIISarah Torres
Wonderful quote in @EW from @zoesaldana regarding J.J. Abrams working on Star Wars. Ends with "That’s kismet." #startrek #starwarsLeland Chee
So Disney announced stand-alone #StarWars movies in future. How long must I wait for another Ewok classic? #CaravanOfCourage2 #makeithappenGef Fox
Tell me who you think should be the next Han Solo and I’ll tell you how much I DO NOT CARE BECAUSE NO ONE CAN REPLACE HARRISON FORD.Gio
*starting the Donald Glover as Han Solo campaign now because why not*Ryan McGee
A STAR WARS movie with a young Han Solo? Man, remember when we met young Darth Vader? That was awesome.Brad McHargue
Here’s hoping the Han Solo spin-off is called Han Solo: YOLO (Before Carbonite) just because. Will really play with Disney tweener crowd.Jonathan Pilley
If we get to see Han Solo win the Millennium Falcon from Lando in a game of sabacc, that’s the geek equivalent to De Niro/Pacino in HEAT.Scott Weinberg
On the one hand OMGPLZ PUT MARA JADE IN THE NEW MOVIE. On the other, OMGPLZ NO MORE PAIN. You feel me? You lady nerds know.Madełine C. Frankłin
Admiral Iger: Your fansites can’t repel rumormongering of that magnitude!James Floyd
Standalone movie suggestion: Chewbacca goes to high school. Heddle
"RRRaaaaahrffffaaaaaaanh." "No, Chewie, I’m actually asking: are you asking me to prom? I can’t understand you." #wookieehighJennifer Heddle
An exciting Yoda stand-alone adventure? I thought a Jedi craves not these things?Mike Ryan
RUMOR: the screenplay for the Yoda movie is just a regular script run through Google Translate.YZ Freedman
I hope the script of "Yoda" is someday used to rescue American diplomats. #yodafuckyourselfMike Ryan
Instead of a Han Solo prequel, get Ford, make it about him and Chewy as neighbors locked in a rivalry and call it "Grumpy Old Nerfherders."McGone
In a post-apocalyptic world, Han Solo must travel back in time to uncover the source of a deadly virus in "12 Parsecs" #HanSoloFilmSpinOffsAndrew Cairns
‘Yo’da Man!’ – A lighthearted college romp about Yoda’s fraternity days hazing younglings. #starwarsspinoffsSeth
What’s cooler than a Star Destroyer? A Death Star! The story of the Padawan drop out who built it! THE DEATH STAR NETWORK #StarWarsSpinoffsRussell Summers
Instead of a movie, Boba Fett should get a Where’s Waldo-esque book called "Boba Fett? Boba Fett? Where??" #starwarsspinoffs #isthisthingon?Ben Deutsch
Beverly Hills C3P0 #StarWarsSpinoffsDeborah
How Greedo Got His Groove Back #StarWarsSpinoffsMyles Herod
A Kit Fisto full of Dollars #StarWarsSpinoffs #okiliedNathanael Booth
Laverne & Sabe’ #StarWarsSpinoffsmandy marxen
"Ewoks: The New Batch" #StarWarsSpinoffsCorbin Stephenson
"Hoth Tub Time Machine" #StarWarsSpinoffsRyan McGee
"Postcards From The Wedge" #StarWarsSpinoffsRyan McGee
Ten Things I Hate about Naboo #StarWarsSpinoffsNathanael Booth
Anakin dies at the End#StarWarsSpinoffsJohn-Mark Booth

The Expanded Universe

From SW Editor Shelly Shapiro: "I think I will spend today sitting by the fire and reading KENOBI." Yes, I am jealous (FP) #StarWarsStarWarsBooks
The "Mean Girls" of the Jedi Academy would totally be Kyp Durron, Wurth Skidder, and Ganner Rhysode. #SWEUBria
The Clone Wars
BTW- If you think the last Darth Maul/Savage Opress story arc was devastating, you better buckle up for the #CloneWars season finale.Dee Bradley Baker
I guess my hopes of Ahsoka living out her life on Tattooine, tinkering with the Twilight, are out the window. #StarWars #TheCloneWarsTim Fischer

Star Wars life

Asked to bring in an object that starts with L, most of the pre-k class went with lions or leopards. Finn chose Lando. #starwarsJeremy Olshan
Medical test tomorrow. Going to close my eyes and think of an exogorth and the Millennium Falcon.Heather Champ
apparently my son is a mynock – he can’t seem to keep away from power cables#StarWarsNicole Gothgen


I suppose we’ll learn if his mother, like my mother, steadfastly insisted on referring to him as "Hans Solo."Dave Itzkoff
Lucasfilm script note: Underline that this is the FIRST TIME Han has a bad feeling about this.Jordan Hoffman
Report: Sean Patrick Flannery, star of the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, will be playing Dash Rendar in the upcoming Han Solo solo film.Bryan Young
On a scale of actual Satan to JJ Abrams, how evil is that person? Answer: Steven Moffat #evil #startrek #starwars #doctorwho #BBCAmelia Welch

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