Back in London: Dispatches from the Episode VII cast


John Boyega and Daisy Ridley have returned to London, with both attending yesterday’s Star Trek – Live in Concert at The Royal Albert Hall. Boyega’s also engaged in some very relevant reading… All that and more below the cut.

Peter Mayhew has arrived…

A brief interlude from our spin-off crew…

Gary Fisher continues to make famous friends…

Back in Abu Dhabi, Boyega takes a tour…

…And Daisy Ridley shows off some new jewelry.

Meanwhile, there have been hints at some of the stunt performers for the film, as vets Florian Robin and Chloé Bruce seem to have been staying at a familiar hotel in Abu Dhabi:

Here’s Bruce in action:

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  1. The best part: Boyega and Ridley seem to have hit it off (not necessarily in a romantic way, but the chemistry seems to be there). Good news if they are indeed the two (romantic or platonic) leads, as seems to be the case.
    Speculating would be so much easier with just a few more facts… ;-)

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