King talks Potter

Again. This time Stephen King writes for Entertainment Weekly about the impact of Harry Potter, why most reviewers missed the point, and, perhaps most interestingly, the talent of J.K. Rowling.

Maybe it’s the British prose. It’s hard to resist the hypnotism of those calm and sensible voices, especially when they turn to make-believe. Rowling was always part of that straightforward storytelling tradition (Peter Pan, originally a play by the Scot J.M. Barrie, is another case in point). She never loses sight of her main theme

Lucasfilm on Indy post-IV: Interweb Rumor

According to the folks at, Lucasfilm has denied having plans for furthering the Indiana Jones franchise after Indy IV, saying that such talk about a three-film contract for Harrison Ford and a four-film contract for Shia LeBeouf are just Internet rumor. In response,, which broke the story, has fired back against the charges that it’s nothing but rumor..

Also, Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall speak about about filming in Hawaii and whether Harrison can still fit into his IndyWare.

Young Indy Chronicles coming to DVD in Oct.

Fans of Indiana Jones should mark their calendars for October 23, 2007 as the release date for the first of three DVD sets for the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (shown on TV in 1992-1993). Paramount Home Entertainment will release Volume 1 in October, with Volumes 2 and 3 released sometime later, raising hype for Indy IV. I was a big fan of the YIJC, as I was about his age when the show aired, taking Indy through many adventures around the world, and meeting historical figures during his travels.

And speaking of the fourth installment of the man with the hat and the whip, Rotten Tomatoes has some speculation as to the plot of Indy IV.