Indiana Jones and the Third to Last Crusade?

IESB is reporting that not only has Shia LeBeouf has been signed for making 4 pictures (meaning that the Indiana Jones franchise may go to seven films), but that Harrison Ford has signed for at least 3 more films, meaning that – if the reports are correct – Indy won’t be seen for the last time in this upcoming adventure.

4 Replies to “Indiana Jones and the Third to Last Crusade?”

  1. Wow, really? I seriously can’t picture Spielberg making three more after this one… would they farm the franchise out to other directors?

  2. considering how long it took to get this one off the ground, they may have high hopes or be willing to change the George-Steven-Harrison triangle.

  3. Seven? What, is Shia going to be hunting for Horcruxes in the last one?

  4. Can’t George and Stephen come up with a new idea? I love Indy, but really. Horse. Beating. Death.

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