Lucasfilm on Indy post-IV: Interweb Rumor

According to the folks at, Lucasfilm has denied having plans for furthering the Indiana Jones franchise after Indy IV, saying that such talk about a three-film contract for Harrison Ford and a four-film contract for Shia LeBeouf are just Internet rumor. In response,, which broke the story, has fired back against the charges that it’s nothing but rumor..

Also, Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall speak about about filming in Hawaii and whether Harrison can still fit into his IndyWare.

4 Replies to “Lucasfilm on Indy post-IV: Interweb Rumor”

  1. Listing a staffer’s phone number because they won’t confirm your muckraking? Classy!

  2. Note that there is now a huge, sucking-up apology on their website.

    Seriously. Let’s pick a fight with Lucas and Spielberg. Very intelligent move for a movie site.

  3. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t help but read a passive aggressive petulance in that apology. “Sorry. We won’t cover you ever ever again.”


  4. Yeah, all sounds very sloppy to me. Ok, so LFL CAN’T (not won’t) confirm or deny the truth to these rumours, because anyone could speculate or postulate a load of potential future projects and piece together their own conclusions. Its a shot in the dark, which may well have truth behind it, but LFL can’t just say “Wow, lucky guess, you are SPOT ON”.
    I mean, look back 5 years to an issue of the Insider. On the cover, as athe issue’s headline, bold as brass were the words Revenge of the Sith. Did LFL come out and say “You got us, that’s the title of the 3rd prequel”. Of course not, and this is the same.
    Good to see Pabs here, feel free to visit our site anytime.

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