Almost there: Best #StarWars and #TheForceAwakens tweets for Oct. 14-Nov. 3

@HolocronKeeper: Star Wars: The Force Awakens comes out next month.

We already covered the new trailer and even the night before, but here’s the rest. Also be sure not to miss Chris Taylor’s roundup of three years worth of Star Wars tweets, for the anniversary of the Disney sale/Episode VII announcement.

The Slave Leia issue

This week’s hottest rumor!


…Not to be confused with this week’s hottest theory, which claims Jar Jar is a secret Sith lord.

A very curious tweet from the director of Episode VIII, considering the rumors regarding the star of said film…

And finally, Carrie Fisher rapping, because why not.

The Force Awakens

Episode VIII (and tangent)

The Expanded Universe

Star Wars life


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