A closer look at The Force Awakens Japanese trailer


…Or International trailer, whatever we’re calling it. The focus here is on Rey, BB-8 and Kylo Ren’s broadsaber, or in other words: A cute girl, A cute robot and a crazy-ass weapon. It’s not as evocative as the last trailer, and it seems much choppier, but there is a lot of new footage here for us to pour over.

Again, for the cheap seats:

We begin with another shot of the downed Star Destroyer on Jakku.


Presumably this is Rey either preparing for or just afterwards the spelunking venture that the last trailer opened with. Seems a weird choice to open with, though. I mean, it’s impressive, but not nearly as much as the interior shots.

Our first dialogue, over familiar footage, is again Maz Kanata’s “Who are you,” with Rey’s response of “I’m no one.” But then we get the trailer’s first really great shot, as Rey’s speeder zooms past:


Moisture vaporators, a sunset… You know the drill.

We pick up on what appears to be Rey and BB-8’s meet cute.


Note the bag-looking thing to the droid’s left? We’ve likely seen it before:

Rey, BB-8, Teedo and his luggabeast

So has just Rey rescued BB-8 from Teedo, and they go off across the sand. But this time, we get dialouge. “Where do you come from?” Rey asks BB-8.


He responds, sounding a little less Artooish this round. The next lines are maybe some of the trailer’s most interesting:

“I know all about waiting,” Rey says. “For my family.”

Who the hell leaves a kid (teen?) on a place like Jakku? At least Luke had guardians, jeez.

Now they’ve run into Finn, and BB-8 sees something…


And from the lighting we can assume it’s…


TIE fighters doing their best Apocalypse Now impression. This is the shot that all the film geeks are going bonkers over.


After some familiar shots of flametroopers, Phasma and Kylo Ren, we head back to the latter’s Darth Vader shrine, this time with new dialouge: “I will fulfill our destiny,” he says to the crispy Vader helmet. “I will finish what you started.”

Our destiny?

Then we get a new angle on the broadsaber’s ignition:


This is an interesting scene, both for broadsaber purposes and for the location: Why is Kylo lighting up his saber in what looks to be either Starkiller Base or a First Order ship?

We also get see Finn and Rey’s formal introductions – on the Falcon, apparently.


And Leia! With Threepio! And Poe! And a guy I’d bet is played by Ken Leung!


BB-8, pyromaniac?


Probably not, but stuff blowing up real good might be why he ends up on his own in Jakku.


These shots are just cool. They also appear to be on the ice/snow planet, even though the next shot shows the X-wing battle over the forest location.


Rey goes for her staff…

Now, the Chewbacca sequence. Even though this is followed by a First Order-looking explosion, I don’t think that’s what Chewie is actually blowing up.


Look at his background: I’m not quite sure it looks First Order, despite the red. It looks grungier, and note the copper-colored wall (piping?) in the trigger shot. Red might not be off-model for the First Order, but copper? Maybe it has something to do with these guys we saw in the behind-the-scenes footage from SDCC?


Kylo and Rey:




And to finish things off, we reprise Rey crying, with new dialogue: “Hope is not lost today. It is found.” Now, while I am 100% sure that the non-Rey woman we heard in the last trailer was Lupita Nyong’o, but this bit I’m honestly not sure: It doesn’t sound like her accent at all. Maybe Maisie Richardson-Sellers with the British toned down? (I AM JUST GUESSING.) One thing is for sure: It’s not Carrie Fisher. C’mon, we all know what Leia sounds like.

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  1. I believe, wholeheartedly, that the narration is by Maz Kanata, as played by Lupito Nyong’o, throughout, including the line that seems to set up, with authority, the transfer to the new generation: “Hope is not lost today. It is found.”

    1. Yeah, after the “eyes” commercial I’m leaning that way, too. Maybe they had her do different accents/levels of accent for the promo material.

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