99 Problems: Best #StarWars, #EpisodeVII and #SWEU tweets for Dec 24-Jan. 6

@LGGoepel: I feel like being named after Princess Leia should earn me some nerd street cred, but it never does.

Yes, I’ve folded two weeks into this one, because between Christmas and the New Year it seems that most of Twitter had better things to do – and you don’t even want to know how many posts I saw where people admitting to watching Star Wars sans pants. Instead, we celebrated 100 episodes of The Clone Wars, offered wedding planning services, considered Ewok poop and more.

Best #StarWars tweets for Dec 24-Jan. 6

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I feel like being named after Princess Leia should earn me some nerd street cred, but it never does.#OriginalTrilogy#StarWarsLG Goepel
2013 predictions: At a conference to announce new Star Wars director, Lucasfilm rep blows an ancient horn and proceeds to wait for 14 years.Zaaaack Kooootzer
When the Wampa Rug goes on sale but think to yourself "my dog will totally pee on that" and don’t buy it. #nerdproblems #dogproblemsThat Reena Girl
Does anyone else think George Lucas has a wall somewhere where he’s mounted a bunch of disembodied arms/hands? Why all the dismemberments?Matthew Merback
Congrats on 100th Episode #CloneWars. Remembering the cake and lighting ALL 100 sparkly candles http://pic.twitter.com/rk5JqJCnArminda Schreil
So, with all the remakes, sequels, and prequels coming out of Hollywood, when are we going to get Spaceballs 2: The Search For More Money?Dark Helmet
Yet another thing George Lucas was smart enough to excise from drafts before filming: Yoda’s first name was going to be "Minch."David Ely
(And more evidence the fundamental problem with the prequels was them not getting the rewrites the original films did.)David Ely
Turns out all the rebellion needed was a little whiskey to destroy the Death Star #blackvelvet #starwars http://pic.twitter.com/eh0ofH4DLeo Camacho
George got engaged!
I imagine George Lucas getting engaged followed the same plot as Coming to America. I’ll sell Star Wars and see if she still loves me!Jeff Grubb
Conversation re: GL getting married – Me: I wonder how big the ring was.Mom: That’s why he sold Star Wars. LOL! Good one, Mom.Nancipants
The obscene amount of time I’ve spent watching wedding-related shows coupled w/ my vast esoteric SW knowledge (cont.)Mandy Bulat
(cont. from previous tweet) puts me in a unique position of being the perfect wedding planner for GL and Mellody. #callmeMandy Bulat

Watching the movies

Someone at this party is arguing that "Empire" is the setup for "Jedi" and doesn’t stand on it’s own. Strongly considering murder. #StarWarsChris Belkas
The Deathstar was destroyed due to budget cuts… "Nah, we don’t want photon protection. Just install the exhaust port." #StarWarsI’m only Hugh, man
I like how Han Solo doubts the abilities of the guy who BLEW UP THE DEATH STAR to execute a rescue mission from a talking worm. #starwarsJeremiah Brown
Family Movie Nite last night to see “The Empire Strikes Back”. Little Pea is displeased w/ Vader being Luke’s father, convinced he’s lying.Jeri Ryan
She’s also fascinated by Han being “caramelized”. Playing Star Wars with her brother now. Caramelization for everyone!! ;-) #toocuteJeri Ryan
I can’t imagine you walking in the Endor forrest and NOT stepping on Ewok poop #StarWarsRobsolo
I know Obi-Wan had more pressing matters on his mind but he could have at least hinted at Luke about Leia. #starwars #badwingmanMatteo
Why do I have this feeling the speeder bike sequence was informed by George Lucas’ experiences with the California Highway Patrol? #ROTJDr. Captain America
Watching Return of the Jedi with my 4 yo son. He keeps asking where the Piggies are. #angrybirds #starwarsCraig Harvey
That awkward moment when anakin describes his ideal form of government as a dictatorship #ep2 #starwarsAndrew Hasek
Does that mean C3PO was Anakin’s best man? That’s not awesome. "The odds of this marriage not ending in death are approximately 300 to 1."Paul S. Kemp
I like that when Anakin Skywalker got all burnt his voice suddenly got 2 octaves deeper and he became a much better actor. #StarWarsRob

Episode VII

In pt 5 of those future of Star Wars interviews Kathy Kennedy says she wants to maintain the spirit of what started LucasFilm…Andrew Davidson
…I’m pretty sure that spirit was George Lucas’s hatred of the studio system. Welcome to Disney, LucasFilm!Still weird.Andrew Davidson
If you want the sequel trilogy to be "darker and grittier," might I suggest watching Battlestar Galactica instead?Brian
Looking forward to the undoubtedly upcoming #StarWars novel that explains why Chewbacca is alive in Episode VII.Paul Ens
My son Alex to me: “Daddy, new Darth Vaders keep growing because of the Death Star, which makes new Darth Vaders grow.” #episodeVIIScott Stein

The Expanded Universe

How do I get my youngest nephew to understand that the Family Guy Star Wars Specials are not canon? #sweuErich Schoeneweiss
Just got in some cover sketches for KENOBI. Why hello there, @mcgregor_ewan. Heh.Jennifer Heddle
My latest Star Wars pitch: Han shoots first, and Disney says, “Uh, this kind of behavior doesn’t really fit with Disney’s family image.”Randy Stradley
Revised Star Wars pitch: Han shoots first, and keeps on shooting and shooting. “Edit THAT,” he says to the corpses.Randy Stradley
Of course Leia can be a pilot in @brianwood’s Star Wars. Fucking Chewbacca’s a pilot and he’s a goddamn dogChip Zdarsky
I’m seeing a lot of people today saying, "I’d be okay with the EU getting tossed out for VII." This is the proper attitude to have.Brian
Heir to the Empire is really good. Not just "good for fans" good, but plain old good. I gotta stop saying "really."Scott Weinberg
I’ve been reading the Thrawn trilogy of #StarWars books… Totally geeking out on them. Going back to where the movies left off is exciting!Johnny Layton
The EU will still be there to revisit, and there won’t be forced continuity nods in the new films. Plus we’d get fresh, exciting new #SWEU.Brian
#Scoundrels by Timothy Zahn has the greatest twist of ANY #StarWars book I have ever read. & I have read a few… #Flabbergasting #StarWarsIan Hylands
My favorite thing I read today: "Then Luke goes on a mystical journey and finds a metric fuckton of Sith." #SWEU summed up pretty nicely.Andrew Lupi
Luke, stop flirting with your sister. Sweet Force is Splinter of the Mind’s Eye going to be ripe with second hand embarrassment.Bria

Star Wars life

I was contacted by Obi Wan Kenobi’s spirit in the blizzard after escaping a wampa on my way to work: #hoth #starwars #montreal #snowstormanthonyguadagnano
while working out my 5 yr old decided to join me and use his lightsabers as weights #familyfitness #starwarsSheri McShane
"One day, you and your 5-year-old daughter will spend significant time discussing whether Darth Maul’s fighting style equates to cheating."Jimski
My former son just said to me , " what, yoda dying? So what." Now taking applications for a worthy son. #starwarsSusan Jacob
Breakroom microwave is a #StarWars fan: my food is Mustafar hot on the outside and Hoth cold on the inside.Robb McKinney
Dad: you won’t throw up from drinking rum?Me: you underestimate my power#starwars #NYETim Pena-Carranza
First packing conundrum: Since we had to get rid of our second bookshelf, where are we going to put the lightsabers? #nerdproblemsGina Luttrell
How to mess with me: Be the lady who just passed me on the street saying, "I’m really happy about the Star Wars news."Genevieve Valentine
My daughter just told me: "I knew you were standing behind me because I felt a darkness in the Force"Smh. #starwarsMrsBehave


If only Lucas would have thought to market fuzzy, Wookie-branded boots, he could have gotten an extra $1B out of Disney. #starwarsRoss Petrocelli
If we could somehow find a way to use #StarWars and #LotR jokes as fuel, we could finally solve this energy crisis.Michael Wright
2013 Resolutions: Shazam less, figure out what skin tags are, touch a bald eagle in the wild, forgive George Lucas, eat 4 salads.Sara Schaefer
If Roger Corman made #StarWars, he’d have titled it "Braless Space Princess."Dan McCoy
I hope Fiscal Cliff is the name of a bountyhunter in the new #starwars film.Leon Oldman
Fun idea: George Lucas should take the $4 billion he got from selling Star Wars and use it to buy Star Trek.Joseph Wade
My Skywalker Ranch-educated son described a nativity scene as “probably not officially licensed”.Paul Ens

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