What was a ’70s Star Wars fangirl to do?

Other than collect action figures?

StarWars.com’s Pete Vilmur takes a look at the horrific girl-oriented merchandise of the 70’s. Sadly, things haven’t improved that much in 30 years. (Well, the dolls are nicer, but good luck finding a female one.)

4 Replies to “What was a ’70s Star Wars fangirl to do?”

  1. OMG I had that doll! I loved that doll almost as much as I loved my Death Star action set and my remote control R2. *dork*

  2. I loved those Underoos. I was crushed when I got to big to wear them.

    I never did get the Leia hair doll, though. Of course, I would never had had a clue what to do with it. I wasn’t the girliest of girls.

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