It’s nearly time for San Diego Comic Con…

'Strike a pose with Jabba' by kbaird @ FlickrSo the big SDCC news is of course that G4 will be airing Steve Sansweet’s Star Wars Spectacular panel. Good news for those of us geeks who will actually watch it! Now: Make this a trend. Free the cons! Some are worried that G4 will try to sleaze it up, but quite honestly… I can deal, because I’m about 90% sure we’re going to finally get a Celebration V announcement out of this thing.

  • It seems there are still Fan Club Breakfast tickets, if you’re up to being out and about at 7am on a Friday.
  • Nerf Herders Anonymous has a list of Star Wars guests attending the con. It’s mostly Clone Wars people, but hey, Mark Hamill. There are also at least a few authors attending.

(SDCC ’08 pic by kbaird @ Flickr)

4 Replies to “It’s nearly time for San Diego Comic Con…”

  1. This is good news! Now that this is going to be broadcast live on cable, we should at least expect future events to be streamed.

    Kudos to G4. If they’re going to cater this seriously to the geek audience, they can sleaze it up as much as they want!

  2. I’m torn – part of me is delighted by this news, the other part feels like it is rubbing salt into my non-attending wounds – LOL.
    And like Lord Lightsabre said – I’m hoping for some lovely teases (other than Season 2 of Clone Wars…)

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