We’ll throw our own prom! With #StarWars! Best tweets for May 6-12

@megsokay: To teen girls stressing about prom: I skipped Senior Prom to see Star Wars & I've gone on to seduce many men. You'll be fine.

Advice for the ages and other greatest hits of last week’s Star Wars tweets lurk below the cut.

Best #StarWars tweets for May 6-12

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To teen girls stressing about prom: I skipped Senior Prom to see Star Wars & I’ve gone on to seduce many men. You’ll be fine.Meghan O’Keefe
I see your 2 "vadered" people and raise you 70 police cadets. #vadering pic.twitter.com/7hG1djOPWkJeanelle Van Buskirk
There is no greater crime to humanity than a bad wookie suit.Heilemann
Mother and daughter classic Star Wars cosplay FTW! pic.twitter.com/NgLidV5WO7Wil Wheaton

Disney earnings and such

Iger says Marvel and Lucasfilm were on internal list of good buys for Disney and that ‘list is considerably shorter today.’ HINT, HINT.Stitch Kingdom
If they ever made a STAR WARS theme park, as Bob Iger alludes to, I would ABSOLUTELY buy a LIFETIME pass. YEARS in advance if need be.Robert Meyer Burnett
Bob Iger on Lucasfilm: "Remarkable" the company "was even available to buy." #DisneyMarc Graser

RIP Ray Harryhausen

In the Blu-ray commentary for Attack of the Clones, Lucas revealed the fight between Obi-Wan & the Acklay was an homage to Ray HarryhausenCole Horton
Harryhausen’s skeletons were also the inspiration for the movements of the battle droids in #StarWars Episode ICole Horton
Few remember that Ray Harryhausen was also a veteran, serving with Colonel Frank Capra in the Army Motion Picture Unit during World War IICole Horton

Episode VII and J.J. Abrams and Star Trek

Don’t look at me like that
If Abrams can do THAT with Star Trek then you cannot even fathom how excited I am for Star Wars Episode VIIWyatt
Oh man. In all the fuss over whether Hamill, Fisher and Ford will be back or not, this has been overlooked. WE MIGHT SEE THE FALCON AGAIN.Brian
Good news that the new Star Wars is to be shot in the UK. I’m going to try for R2D2 again. Couldn’t do it in ’77 due to Hot Mum commitments.Don Estelle
Quite literally am wetting myself over production of Episode VII being done in the UK. Giddy with excitement. Green with envy. #starwarsSohail
If JJ Abrams puts Slusho in Star Wars, does that mean it’s in the same universe as Star Trek? I NEED TO KNOW!Brandon Judd
I really have high hopes for @starwars #EpisodeVII after the opening 10 minutes of the @StarTrekMovie. JJ Abrams could really be a winner!Chris Gelderd
Could it be a fate Kirk is called a #Farmboy by people around him in a JJ film who will be doing #EpisodeVII with the original Farmboy Luke?Chris Gelderd

The Expanded Universe

Going over the first draft of the Star Wars book and making revision notes. Note 1: suck less, be good more. Note 2: see note 1.James.S.A.Corey
Working on the Star Wars novel polish-pass. Having a very hard time telling which chapters I wrote and which @JamesSACorey did.Daniel Abraham
Overheard in the office: Editorial Assistant looking at Star Wars books and muttering "Mara Jade is such a bad-ass…"Tor.com
The Star Wars Expanded Universe is sometimes in desperate need of a Sassy Gay Friend. SO MUCH COULD’VE BEEN AVOIDED.Bria
Every time some Old Republic era Jedi pops up in the post-RotJ #SWEU I just want to scream "WHERE THE #*$& WERE YOU WHEN PEOPLE WERE DYING?"Brian
To the person who said Luke and Mara’s romance was worse than Twilight: you owe me a new keyboard. …Oh, you were being serious? …Nanci
This Dalien Brock guy has some good points but goes about things the wrong way. Reminds me of Barriss Offee. #SWEU #IntoTheVoidAaron Goins
Where is the #sweu story where Han and Chewie take Luke out and get him drunk? We all know Han’s the ultimate wing-man.Lightsaber Rattling

Star Wars life

Lunch conversation steers back toward Star Wars as the 3-yr old recounts: And then Dark Vader threw the Emperor down the stairs like a baby!Jeff Goldsmith
It’s a sad day when not one but TWO boys can’t reference star wars. What is the world coming too? #dissapointedGrace Briskman


2012: George Lucas sells LucasFilm, 2013: EA buys Star Wars game publishing rights, 2014: Disney buys EA, 2015: Skynet becomes operational.Marcel
A hodge podge rebel alliance with enough resources to make whacking great medals? You’d think they’d have bigger fish to fry #StarWarsLisa
Thanks to the @MudHens, I was able to get a Wookiee of the Year joke on the air. It’s allllllllll coming together for me.YZ Freedman
Did anyone else go into a furious, violent rage when they found out George Lucas filmed most of Star Wars here on Earth?James Kurtis

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  1. >>Every time some Old Republic era Jedi pops up in the post-RotJ #SWEU I just want to scream “WHERE THE #*$& WERE YOU WHEN PEOPLE WERE DYING?”

    Agreed. I hope the sequels take the whole “The last of the Jedi will you be” thing a little more serious than the EU. Otherwise all those other guys will just seem like total flukes for letting Luke handle something that should perhaps have been handled by a somewhat more qualified Jedi. ;-)

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