Indiana Jones and the Cameo of Weirdness

Sighted: A possible spoiler cameo appearance in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Seen on movieweb, which has a guy at CinemaBlend scared, and the peeps at Moviehole thinking it’s a slow week in Hollywood. Is this rumor Close to home? Could it be that Indy Encounters this? Does the Kingdom Of the Crystal Skull have absolutely nothing to do with the Soviets or the Third Reich? Would Spielberg and Lucas be so unkind?

And in other news, talks up the upcoming “Indiana Jones Heritage” trading card set, coming from Topps in early 2008 – going for a Retro feel to the cards highlighting the first three films, with autographs.

And the tour of Volume 2 of The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones continues with an in-depth look at Disc 2: Demons of Deception. Indy, as a courier and spy, witnesses the ongoing horror and futility of war in the Battle of Verdun, and then on leave tangles with Mata Hari in Paris. Documentary topics include the Battle of Verdun, Marshal P

Details on Young Indy DVD set, Volume 2; Crystal Skull LEGO Clues?

Barely taking a breath from the release of the first volume, has started their coverage of The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones, Volume 2, which will be released on December 18, 2007. Volume 2: The War Years will have nine discs with 8 episodes and 25 documentaries. The ninth disc has the interactive timeline and more features. Read about the highlights of the set here and get the brief synopsis of each disc.

The in-depth tour of each disc begins with:

  • Disc 1: Trenches of Hell – Indy, now in the Belgian Army, ends up in command of his unit, which is then sent to the Somme, and Indy and Remy witness the horrors of trench warfare. Indy ends up captured, and eventually escapes a German prison at Dusterstadt with his fellow prisoner Charles de Gaulle. Documentaries cover the Battle of the Somme, poets Sigfried Sassoon & Robert Graves, and French leader (and future airport) Charles de Gaulle.

    and on the “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” front: will the upcoming LEGO sets give a clue to the movie’s plot?

  • Indiana Jones and the Random Bits of Indy News

    Some random bits of news from the world of the adventuring archaeologist, Indiana Jones and …

  • The Walgreens of Doom? Shia LaBeouf arrested in Chicago for refusing to leave a Walgreens at 2:30 am.
  • The Sidekick from Beowulf? Ray Winstone talks to MTV Movies Blog about Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, saying “It’s one hell of a story.”
  • The Website of Social Networking? Indy’s on Myspace.. and he’s a 26-year old Gemini?!
  • The Unpleasant Review? The Minneapolis Star Tribune gives a short review of the Young Indy DVD set: “None of this tinkering makes the episodes any less boring than I remember.” Wait for the later volumes, when there’s a little more action…
  • The Crossover Cameo? LEGO Indiana Jones makes a cameo in the new LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga game.
  • The Big Stack of Reading? Some of the Indiana Jones literature that is in the works to get you ready for Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, including an omnibus set of comics from Dark Horse!
  • The Raiders of the Set? Thief pleads guilty for trying to sell items stolen from the set of Indy IV.
  • Young Indy Volume 1 DVDs released; Interviews with George and Rick on Young Indy

    DVD Tuesday brought the release of the first volume of The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones on DVD, a 12-disc set with 7 feature-length episodes and wads of documentaries and other bonus features.

    As previously reported, this is the first of three DVD sets which will contain the entire series, which aired in the early 90’s as the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles and then released on video in the late 90’s. This first volume contains the first 7 episodes in chronological order, which covers all the episodes with nine-year-old Indiana Jones, played by Corey Carrier, as he travels the world with his parents and tutor, as well as some of episodes with teenaged Indy, played by Sean Patrick Flanery, as he ditches high school to get caught up in various adventures in 1916, before getting into World War I. As with the late 90’s videotape release, the original YIJC TV show episodes have had their bookend segments removed (where an older Indy, usually played by George Hall, reminisced) and stitched together two TV episodes into one longer episode, with some bridging material filmed later to help join the episodes into one story. Does anyone miss the bookend segments besides me?

    The Baltimore Sun has an article and a blog entry talking up the Young Indiana Jones DVDs with an interview with George Lucas. Lucas talks about how the documentaries connect to the episodes’ content – “to bring history to life”.

    The Pitch, from Kansas City, has an interview with Rick McCallum on making Young Indy… and young Darth Vader… for the kids in “The Force Is Strong With This One”.

    With the Yale-Indy connection furthered this summer as a filming location, the Yale Daily News has a piece on the Yale connection to the documentaries on the DVDs.

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    George Lucas talks about young Indiana Jones…

    The LA Times has an article talking with George Lucas about the the making of the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles and their restoration and release on DVD as the Adventures of Young Indiana Jones. Rick McCallum recounts working with Elizabeth Hurley and they name-drop many of the other celebrities who appeared on the series. Also, they have a little photo album showing scenes, stills, and a few background photos from the show. So what does George Lucas think of the Young Indiana Jones project? The article’s tagline should give it away: The Indiana Jones adventure George Lucas is most proud of is a short-lived TV series from the early ’90s.