Young Indy DVD set, Vol 1. = 12 Discs!!!

Volume 1 of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, which comes out on DVD on October 23rd, will have 12 discs of material. In this article on, some of the probable contents are discussed, including companion historical documentaries about the subjects of different episodes, interactive games and timelines, etc.

12 Discs of Young Indy.. and that’s just Volume 1! But be warned, the MSRP for this treasure is $118. This would make a great holiday present for any Jawa.

According to Rick McCallum in an interview at Celebration Europe, Volume 2 will be out 3-4 months after that (January 2008), and Volume 3 will be out around the time of the release of Indiana Jones IV (May 2008).

3 Replies to “Young Indy DVD set, Vol 1. = 12 Discs!!!”

  1. Ouch. $118?! Sure, it’s 12 discs, but…ouch.

    I’ll probably still be buying it. ::rubs thoughtfully on LFL slave barcode attached to back of neck::

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