Snippets of Indy IV stuff (and some Young Indy stuff too)…

Is it polite to serve Crystal Light out of a Crystal Skull? Does the star of “When Harry Met Sally” have a Crystal brain inside his crystal skull? Can Jawajames make any lamer puns about Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull?

Several bits of news from around the Indyverse may answer these questions.. or more importantly, provide real information:

  • George Lucas talks with TV Guide about Sean Connery’s non-appearance in Indy IV, and how that creates a better character (read here on
  • An extra gets interviewed by the Edmond Sun (of Edmond, OK) and spills some plot details. (spoiler-free version on Cinematical)
  • This spilling of details has led to some speculation about Cate Blanchett’s character. Cate herself might have leaked some information to MTV. (read the MTV movie blog)

    and for you toy collectors out there:

  • A first peek at the Indy IV toy packaging. Yup, just the packaging. Enjoy the pictures at!

    and some updates on the Adventures of Young Indiana Jones DVDs…

  • interviews the younger young Indy, Corey Carrier, here
  • … and shows off the six documentaries on disc 3
  • … and an interview with Ruth De Sosa, who played Indy’s mother, Anna Jones,…
  • … and talks about disc 4, with the episode “Perils of Cupid” (combining the YIJC two episodes “Vienna, 1908” and the unaired “Florence, 1908”). Young Indy seeks Freud for love advice regarding the daughter of Archduke Ferdinand, while his mother avoids the advances of the opera composer, Puccini.

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