Valentine’s Day mush besets Star Wars

Well. Valentine’s Day. If you’re like me, you’re going to spend a lot of time rolling your eyes at everything and anything today. (Speaking of! Going to be live on the Tosche Station podcast tonight! Talking about Marvel romance novels! Ranting is almost guaranteed!) Anyway, onto business:

See Wedge and Iella full size at SuvuduAt the Star Wars Blog, Jennifer Heddle writes a tribute to the original Star Wars couple, Han and Leia. Who isn’t pro Han and Leia these days? (We don’t want to know.)

Over at Suvudu, Tricia Barr takes a look at Star Wars power couples. Includes refreshingly not-overboard artwork of Wedge Antilles and Iella Wessiri from Chris Trevas!

And for those looking for a little less kissing, io9 presents the 7 greatest bromances in space. Obi-Wan and Anakin are repping for the Wars, which… Okay.

In a video for, Bonnie Burton looks at romance in a galaxy far far away, while Amy Ratcliffe has a look at fans who found love through the franchise.

Roundup: Valentine’s Day is obligatory

Is it love, or just KJA? Only the Holocron knows for sure.It’s Valentine’s Day! Alas, we’re all pretty tied up here (not a euphemism, pervs) but feel free to check out our past sappy stuff, particularly James’ look at Star Wars Valentine’s Day cards and love in the Expanded Universe. has a bunch of valentiney stuff as well.

Roqoo Depot dreamed up some Star Wars romance novels, a few of which gave me the giggles. Just remember, nerds: They’re not suggestions.

Over at EU Cantina, Nanci takes a look at some of the heart-breaking romances of the Expanded Universe. Includes snarking on Luke’s romantic track record, because that shit is never not funny.

Lane at Roqoo Depot isn’t having any of this romance crap: Instead, he’s looking at bromances in Star Wars. However, I’m pretty sure there’s slash out there about all those dudes. Sorry, Lane.

My Valentine nausea kicked up real hard on this one, but the art is nice, if you’re into the whole Captain Cardboard thing. Have at it, Jag/Jaina fans.

Head on over to Topless Robot to bask in their list of 8 villainous couples. No Star Wars, but I’m sure you’ll recognize a few.