“I love EU.” “I know.” Valentine’s Day in the Expanded Universe

It’s that time of the year when flower, candy, and jewelry stores make us think that romance better be in the kriffin’ air. But what’s a Star Wars fan to do to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a special someone? Well, it turns out Darth Cupid has been shooting some Valentine’s Day goodies for Star Wars Expanded Universe fans over the years. Short stories, comics, and more.

In 2004, Del Rey published on its website a new Valentine’s Day short story: “Judge’s Call” by Timothy Zahn. Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade Skywalker are spending their time on a planet where Luke is arbitrating minor disputes and they get summoned by an agricultural minister to his private retreat. Just don’t call Mara a blushing bride! Never put into print, this story was offline for a few years, but Del Rey has republished this lost story for Valentine’s Day 2011. so go grab your sweetheart and check it out – it now includes art by Chris Trevas.

A year earlier, Troy Denning’s “Corphelion Interlude” was published on the Del Rey website on February 14. Starting their honeymoon, Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo visit an asteroid resort to watch a comet pass by. Things heat up between them, until it seems that the comet is getting a little too close, even for Han. Comets? Comets! “Corphelion Interlude” made it into print later that year, included in the paperback printing of Denning’s novel Tatooine Ghost, along with the ebook A Forest Apart.

Also in 2003, Dark Horse Comics released Star Wars: A Valentine Story by Judd Winick and Paul Chadwick. This one-shot contained the story “Breaking the Ice” where Han Solo and Princess Leia crash-land during a storm on Hoth. With the temperature dropping rapidly, Han asks Leia to “utilize body heat” but what’s he really got on his mind? Chewbacca, of course! (Chewie’s ship is also presumed to be crashed nearby). Hoth hath no fury like a Wookiee scorned! But there’s nothing like a chance of frozen death to thaw the ice between the princess and the scoundrel. A Valentine Story also brought us the adorable little Jawa, Ewok, and Hutt as cupids artwork that seems to come out of the woodwork at this time of the year. To promote its release, Dark Horse hosted a “I ♥ Star Wars” contest. Still looking for this story? It was collected in the Leia-centric trade paperback collection of Empire: The Heart of the Rebellion in 2005.

But possibly the weirdest Star Wars Valentine would be a character named Valentine… or Valenthyne Farfalla, the foppish Jedi Lord who turned down the offer to be Chancellor to help lead the Jedi’s Army of Light at Ruusan in Jedi vs Sith who dueled against Darth Bane a decade later in Darth Bane: Rule of Two.

As Yoda says, “These EU Valentines bring warm feelings to my heart.”

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