Gate Geek – Universe Premiere and Other Tidbits

Gate Geek – I see interesting things

I really need to do these more often.  Lots of news flying, these days.

Prepare to be astounded.  Stargate Universe is going to feature an openly gay character for the first time; in addition to being “dark and edgy.”  (The cast does not appear to be as dark and edgy, though.  If you’re not already following them, cast members David Blue and Brian Jacob Smith have been Twittering up a storm and seem like a lot of fun.)

So this gay thing is not entirely new.  It has already been said that at least one of the Atlantis characters was gay, but they never put it on screen.  And there may be others.

Maybe they’ll do that in the “some day soon” version of the Atlantis movie?  (Joe Mallozzi has been working on the script.)  But apparently MGM is being a bit wishy-washy about the timing for this and the next SG1 project.

In spend-some-money news, there is a preview of the Teal’c animated maquette on i09 that is entirely too cute.  (Words rarely associated with Teal’c.)

You can also spend your money to have lunch with Richard Dean Anderson to benefit the Waterkeeper Alliance.

And in yet still unrelated news, big, um, congrats to the incredibly talented Christopher Hyerdahl for being cast in the next Twilight movie.  May you not be overrun by Twihards.

Gate Geek – Atlantis movie and Awards!

There has been much angst and gnashing of teeth about the lack of movement on the promised Stargate Atlantis movie.  Producer Joe Mallozzi vaguely tries to reassure fans that these things take time in this wacky business and they haven’t forgotten about us.  Maybe in the fall?

Speaking of Stargate movies, Stargate Continuum racked up 11 Leo Award nominations!  And the above-mentioned Stargate Atlantis?  Sixteen.  (Okay, so Leo’s are a kinda local thing to the Vancouver area, but still nice to have kudos.)

In a slightly better-known award, Brad Wright was nominated for a Nebula for the SGA episode “The Shrine.”

Gate Geek – Newsbits

Well, look who’s been a bit lazy!  So what’s been happening around the Gate, lately?

Gate Geek – Fun, Stargatey things to do

Still waiting for the announcement of the women of Stargate Universe that was supposed to be out by now.

In the meantime, CJer Michelle let me know that MGM is continuing to engage fans in their prep of Stargate Atlantis Best-Of compilation for Blu-Ray with a “design the cover” contest.  They are also announcing the episodes that won. (Most of the ones I wanted…yays)  Annoying Flash design prevents us from linking directly, so go click around.

In other fun Stargate-related news, Amanda Tapping continues to show that she is one of the nicest people in show business by offering up some really cool auction items to benefit a Vancouver-area school.

And the charming Cliff Simon (Ba’al) talks with GateWorld about Stargate and his ongoing interest in helping people get their brains going.