EUbits: Rebel Force #5, Bohnhoff on droids, reviews and a Clone Wars comic preview

Rebel Force: The official site gives us our first look at book five of Scholastic’s latest series, Trapped. (Is anyone reading these? I keep forgetting they exist.) It’s due out in January.

EUbits: Holostar pitching, Randy Stradley, Joe Schreiber, TCW guides and Rebel Force

Head over to Book View Cafe for the second installment of Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff’s A Padawan’s Journal, where she tells the (sadly detail-free) story of how Holostar was pitched.

EUbits: Stover and Harrison interviews, Rebel Force, everyone has a canon position

IMAGE: Rogue Leader by Dave SeeleyMatthew Stover and That Upcoming Luke Novel. There are only 21 days to Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor, and Bookspot Central has a lengthy interview with Stover.

There’s plenty about his infuences, the Caine books, and of course, Star Wars, starting about halfway. (via)