Filk Friday

Happy New Year, and happy year-of-30th-anniversary-celebrations to Star Wars and its fans!

For the first featured filk in this year of celebration, Bogan reminds us what A New Hope, nay, the entire Star Wars saga is truely about (whining!) with his Carpenters parody, Luke’s Lament.

Luke Skywalker: More influential than Dorothy Gale, less than Joe Camel

Luke Skywalker is #85 on list of the 101 most influential people who never lived, as compiled by three “rowdy philosophers” from Jersey. Also making the list: King Arthur (#3,) Prince Charming (#20,) Dracula (#33,) Buffy the Vampire Slayer (#44,) Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock (#50,) Batman (#60,) Nancy Drew (#62,) and Kermit the Frog (#67.) Long story short: It’s kind of a weird list, and I expect liquor (and possibly tobacco – check out #1) is somehow involved.

Filk Friday

Monday, September 25 will be Mark Hamill‘s birthday, so in honor of everyone’s favorite farmboy turned jedi, this week’s featured filk is written as sung by Luke on the Bespin gantry. Father of Mine is one of my favorite Luke filks and introduced me to one of my now-favorite bands, Everclear. Find more filks from authors Yav and Trace in the Filk Archive.

And don’t forget, Weird Al‘s new album comes out next Tuesday and catch his new video White and Nerdy!

Duke and Tara wipe out the competition

In the latest issue of Bantha Tracks, Union is topping the comic Top Ten list, with Tales of the Jedi trailing behind. Not being Dark Horse’s biggest fan (Tales! Tales! Damn my non-voting self!) I blame our very own Paula, who got quoted. Or maybe not. ;)

Not that Union is the worst thing DH has ever done or anything, but… well. Maybe it’s just my knee-jerk reaction to the series’ awful, awful covers. You can pander to the females without making it look like a romance novel folks – it’s okay.

That and more smushy stuff in the latest edition of Bantha Tracks.