Check out Hallmark’s Star Wars ornaments for 2008

Hallmark\'s Luke & Vader ornament

The Hallmark Keepsake Dream Book ’08 is out, and their Star Wars offerings this year have a Return of the Jedi theme, with an Imperial shuttle, Luke and Vader’s final duel, and Emperor Palpatine. The miniatures set is a Star Destroyer and the incomplete Death Star. Check them all out for yourself on page 64 (page 65 has Star Trek and Indiana Jones) or via the screencap beneath the cut. Continue reading “Check out Hallmark’s Star Wars ornaments for 2008″

New cover, content list for Luke Skywalker omnibus

COVER: Luke Skywalker, Last Hope for the GalaxyOn the Dark Horse boards, Randy Stradley shares a new cover (by Adam Hughes) and the content list for Luke Skywalker: Last Hope for the Galaxy. It’s a pretty nice selection, and looks to include some of Marvel’s Shira Brie/Lumiya arc and a bit from Dark Horse’s only NJO-era comic, the Chewbacca mini-series. See the full list under the cut. Continue reading “New cover, content list for Luke Skywalker omnibus”

Expanded Universe art from Terese Nielsen

IMAGE: Luke miniature packaging by Terese NielsenTerese Nielsen talks about creating box art for the Legacy of the Force miniature line, and gives us a nice look at Rebellion-inspired Luke Skywalker in battle armor piece. (Looks like the art director got mixed-up with all this redundant naming – that’s not Legacy. This is Legacy.)

This is currently the only Star Wars post on her blog, but you can get a closer look at the finished artwork and some of Nielsen’s other Star Wars work at her DeviantArt.

800 pages of Luke Skywalker comics?

Looks like the giant Dark Horse omnibus is Luke Skywalker, Last Hope for the Galaxy. According to the Amazon blurb:

Luke Skywalker’s greatest adventures from over 30 years of comics are compiled in a single slipcased hardcover! A deluxe edition worthy of the hero who saved the galaxy, this massive volume follows Luke Skywalker on his journey from the moisture farms of Tatooine to the final days of the Dark Empire! Each story painstakingly selected from every Luke Skywalker comic ever published-from Marvel’s first issue to Dark Horse’s latest-this masterpiece collection is the ultimate portrait of one of the most widely known and widely loved heroes of modern mythology!

…Only up to Dark Empire?

(Discovered by Eddie van der Heijden, who claims to have verified it with DH’s Randy Stradley.)

Inferno: One pissed-off Jedi Master…

The Fury cover may be a fake, but we do get a look at the real Inferno cover today. Caution: It may spoil you for Sacrifice, as one of the leading candidates for ‘the death’ is on it.

Another cover update: Sue Rostoni says the alleged Fury cover is one of the early concepts, not the approved final. She also reveals that Ben will be the subject… And that we might see it soon.

Fans are speculating that this means Jaina is a shue-in for the Invincible cover, and I’m leaning towards Allana for Revelation… Although with it being a Traviss book I wouldn’t count out the Mandos… (Mirta? Chicks in armor have proved popular.)