Filk Friday: Leia Contest Winners!

Thanks to everyone who posted entries; it was a lot of fun to read through them. They are all posted in their own special catagory: Princess Leia Contest.

I’d also like to apologize to JeffP for overlooking his filk when I was initially searching for Leia-related parodies, and to JeffS and Musical Edition fans for summarily disqualifying songs from the musical due to my association with them. Obviously it would be difficult to remain impartial there.

Okay, enough preamble! I’ve decided to give two awards for this contest (yes, it’s just that arbitrary).

The first is for Best Filkitude (which is my made-up word for including all aspects of a good filk, including paralleling themes from the original song and your filk subject, scansion, and lyric construction, as well as comedic value) and goes to Firgin for Short Cute Princess (in a White Dress).

The second award is the Nearly-Making-Me-Spew-Hot-Tea-All-Over-My-Monitor Award, which goes to Yav for Big Buns. While I may already have a comedic leanings towards that song, thanks to SirDan’s rendition of the original as sung by JarJar, this filk made me crack up on it’s own.

Thanks to all who participated! I’m sure we’ll do this again, as I find more holes in our collection (or on a filking whim, who can say?).

Filk Friday

Tomorrow is Carrie Fisher’s birthday! Let’s celebrate by making this week’s featured filk my favorite Leia filk from the archive! Yes, this one is the best, my absolute fav, a classic of our times, one which… :::clickclickclick::: yes, it’s here somewhere, I’m sure, this great homage, this wonderful…::click:: ::click:: ::clickclickclickclick!!!::

Are you kidding me? You mean to tell me we don’t have a single by or about Leia in the entire Club Jade Filk Archive??? No so much as an “Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Brassy Gold Slave Girl Bikini” or a “Princess of Power”? How can this be?

Clearly this is an oversight that must be rectified immediately. Thus, I inaugurate the first ever Filk Friday Challenge: Princess Leia!

Write and post your best Leia-based filk in the comments here. It can be sung by or about her, but she must be central figure of the filk. Include your screenname, filk, and the song your filk is based on. All submissions are due by 11:59pm (PST) on Nov. 2, and will be added to the Archive (under the new category Readers, for non-CJers). The winner will receive my undying appreciation for filling this glaring whole in our collection as well as the honor of being the Featured Filk in two weeks (Nov 3). Readers are welcome to post comments and/or lobby for their favorites, but in the end, my opinion will be the sole judge of victory.

Bring forth the challengers!