Gareth Edwards on reverse engineering Rogue One


It’s holiday movie preview season, and that means that Rogue One director Gareth Edwards is making the rounds. Entertainment Weekly also gets a new photo and some chatter about having to reverse engineer the film from the ending, while USA Today also gets a new pic (above), but another interesting quote, namely “the film doesn’t unfold how you think.” So everyone doesn’t die?

Felicity Jones talks Jyn, her favorite Disney princess and bruises in Vanity Fair.

→ Nissan has a new Star Wars themed commercial that ties their Rogue SUV with Rogue One. Naturally, it features Rebel troopers, stormtroopers, K-2SO and more.

→ What if Rogue One starred Jar Jar Binks? Olly Gibbs (and Photoshop) has the answer.

Choose wisely: It’s awesome overload in the CVI store

The merchandise selection for the show store is out, and there’s plenty of great stuff to chose from. We already knew about the Expanded Universe maquettes, above. (There’s a zombie stormtrooper one as well.) As for the rest, I’m guessing the Jar Jar whoopie cushion and retro-style bag will be big sellers… See them, and a few of my other picks, below.

And yes, there’s a ton more at the link – has a handful of high res pics – and the Han and Leia couple shirts are back as well.

What really is the most embarrassingly awful Star Wars merchandise? (Besides the Jar Jar lollipop.)

Gizmodo tries their hand at listing the most embarrassing official Star Wars merchandise, and while they do hit a few – the (hopefully) never-to-be-topped Jar Jar lollipop, the Star Wars Christmas album, the fishing tackle – overall, I think their choices are pretty weak. Sure, most of it is really, truly dumb, but it takes more than some Artoo Christmas lights to get us clutching our pearls.

In fact, I’m sure we can do better: Hell, we have a whole tag devoted to the crazy stuff that Lucasfilm approves. My vote goes to the vaginal Sarlacc toy. Or the pan-fried Vader hospital playset. Or perhaps Le Parfum Des Jedi? (And let’s not even start on the fiction, the comment thread will never end.) It’s a rich minefield down that rabbit hole. What’s your favorite?

Mara Jade Skywalker is Hasbro’s 2011 Fan Choice. Yay?

Toy Fair is going on this weekend, and according to multiple reports, Jedi Master Mara Jade Skywalker was voted the Fan Choice figure. (You might remember the contest from last fall.) Unfortunately for those of us hoping to finally get a Mara figure without that blasted catsuit…

Yeah. That artwork. (Again?) Sigh. I’m not hearing anything about a a prototype yet, but as always, we’ll have an eye out for updates.

The other Star Wars talker of Toy Fair? A Jar Jar in Carbonite figure will be a SDCC 2012 exclusive. Teehee.

UPDATED! has posted photos of Hasbro’s Toy Fair offerings, and sure enough, there’s no sign of Mara. (Though there is some nice Clone Wars stuff, if that’s your thing.) Needless to say, we’ll be watching Hasbro’s presentations through summer con season with great interest.