Mara Jade Skywalker is Hasbro’s 2011 Fan Choice. Yay?

Toy Fair is going on this weekend, and according to multiple reports, Jedi Master Mara Jade Skywalker was voted the Fan Choice figure. (You might remember the contest from last fall.) Unfortunately for those of us hoping to finally get a Mara figure without that blasted catsuit…

Yeah. That artwork. (Again?) Sigh. I’m not hearing anything about a a prototype yet, but as always, we’ll have an eye out for updates.

The other Star Wars talker of Toy Fair? A Jar Jar in Carbonite figure will be a SDCC 2012 exclusive. Teehee.

UPDATED! has posted photos of Hasbro’s Toy Fair offerings, and sure enough, there’s no sign of Mara. (Though there is some nice Clone Wars stuff, if that’s your thing.) Needless to say, we’ll be watching Hasbro’s presentations through summer con season with great interest.

15 Replies to “Mara Jade Skywalker is Hasbro’s 2011 Fan Choice. Yay?”

  1. No no no no no!

    I will accept the catsuit but the breasts larger than her head!!!??? Absolutely not.

    They already made this figure, let’s get something different and looks like a woman, a mother, not some 20 yr old pron vixen.

  2. Oh now don’t hate on the catsuit. There was a reason she was rumored to be Palpitine’s lover in her younger days (which is the time period in question judging from the context of the picture). Would it then be surprising that she would be a shapely beauty, experiences with the objectification of women in Scifi aside.

    That being said her proportions (the waist especially got me) do seem unrealistic. But then again the Dark Side is the gateway into powers some would consider . . . unnatural.

  3. The figure was described as Mara Jade Skywalker (Jedi), not Mara Jade (Emperor’s Hand). I voted for this figure because I wanted her to be in Jedi robes. I already have a figure of her in a catsuit.

    (Plus, the catsuit is ugly and way too tropey.)

    And Isard was Palpy’s lover, not Mara. *shudder*

  4. Palpitine’s lover???!!!

    Outside of that, outside the further disgust and frustration of the objectification of women period– the reason for the hate on the catsuit is simply because Mara would never wear the damn thing all the time. She wears a holdout blaster up her sleeve. No sleeve, no holdout blaster. Simple.

    One picture in that stupid catsuit and she has been defined like that for years. What’s next, giving her glitter makeup too? And don’t get me started on hair color which is completely wrong as well. Red-gold, not burgundy.

    If they made Han a blonde and gave him a lightsaber, I think you’d have a little bit better understanding.

  5. The fact that we shouldn’t be surprised that this proposal is objectifying and demeaning should, in no way, diminish our anger over it.

    In addition, fans specifically voted for Jedi!Mara Jade Skywalker, not Emperor’s Hand!Mara Jade. The expectation is that the figure created one be the one that was actually voted on.

  6. @ Lane I was mearly pointing out that the appearence makes sense for what we know of the the character for the time period depected in the piece. The question of objectification (and it quite obviously is, given the porporting of the figure) is a different conversation, hense the phraing of my original post.

    Nanci, note I said RUMORED, and the above article does not reference the Jedi bits. Sorry. Once I heard the Jedi part the objection made sense. Plus your riff on the podcast for a 50+ YO in a cat suit was classic.

    And Star Wars, Tropey? Naw!

  7. I’m pretty sure the only time I’ve heard Mara ‘rumored’ to be Palpatine’s lover is in fan forums, from borderline trolls and/or (probably) hormone-crazed teenagers.

    There have been two (TWO) Mara figures from Hasbro. Both in the catsuit. It’s obviously not confirmed that this one will be too, but seeing as pretty much every licensed image of her has the catsuit… Yeah, we were really hoping for something different this time.

  8. I’m fine with her in the “catsuit” as long as the figure isn’t as ugly as the Heir to the Empire two-pack figure. That figure had problems.

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